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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Swim Meet vs Placerville

The boys had another great day in the pool!  It was hot out, but they were flying through the heats and we were out of there by 1pm, over an hour earlier than last week.

The U6 boys decided Hot Wheels and Play Doh were the favorite today.

Tyler started us off with his 100 yard relay team coming in 2nd.

Cody was next in the 100 yard medley, this week starting his team off with the backstroke.
 His team came in 1st!

Tyler's 2nd event was the 25 yard freestyle, he had a personal best time of 36.80.

His last event, 25 yard backstroke with another best of 37.68.

Cody doing breaststroke with a personal best of 47.31.

50 yard freestyle, another best of 56.70.

25 yard butterfly, another best of 34.26, but he DQ'd. 
I wasn't able to get a clear view of his whole race, so I'm not sure if it was a stroke error or if he flutter-kicked up to the surface from his dive. 

Cody ended his day with the 100 yard freestyle relay. 

 One of the boys left a bit early so they were disqualified.  
Too bad as they had a great 3rd place showing.

We have a bye next week (so we're bustin' out of town!) and our next meet is June 30th. 

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