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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 39

9/23 - 29

This week we had a Friday night game with beautiful weather and another loss.  It was a close game though 0-2 and the boys played well.  
 This opened up the weekend to catch up on my quilt blocks. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 38

9/16 - 22
The big King Fire is burning in the foothills, a few miles north of Apple Hill (one of our favorite places in the fall).   On our way to soccer, Cody took this photo that shows the smoke cloud. 
 Apparently the boys had a good practice today, resulting in a game of football.  
Unfortunately, it didn't last long as they got a bit excited with a touch down attempt, over throwing the ball into a recreation class area.  No more indoor ball for this group.  Luckily they do have a fenced off turf area behind the gym so they have been able to play out there. 
A double header soccer weekend, unfortunately without any more wins. 
Hmmm, he's been doing the closed eye thing quite a bit lately.  Not sure if it's a good or bad thing. 

 A bit of chocolate milk and a quick ice bath to recover for tomorrows game. 
 Game #2 on Sunday was a bit hard to watch.  Fast game on the turf didn't help our boys at all. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Rich and Judy took the boys and I to the circus.  It was quite the show with all kinds of acts and so much to see.  Some were awesome, some were funny, some were weird and some were a bit sad.  The boys had a good time and we can now check that off the list! 

We arrived in time to catch a bit of the pre-show, the boys were able to go down onto the arena floor.  

Watching the elephant paint a picture that was later raffled off. 

 Between all the risky, exciting acts, the clowns would come out and entertain the crowd while the grips set up for the next act.  They put on a good show of their own! 

 Quite the spectacle...
 These globes were above the arena, waiting for quite awhile with sheets covering them.  Then they revealed to have acrobats inside! 
 Lady cyclists.....

 The clowns in between, riding their cycle....
 A super exciting part was the motorcycles in the cage.  They were amazing with how many ended up in there at one time, riding together. 

 Then they turned off the lights...

 Remember that mention of sad things?  
This was probably the worst part of the show.  It was a bit uncomfortable to watch and just made you feel a bit bad for these beautiful animals. 

 Then we went back to amazing with the Chinese Acrobats.  Very cool to watch as they shimmied up and down the poles; hanging, swinging and pure strength. 

 One of the many parades. 
 This was a fun act; spool, yo-yo things that were very impressive. 

 Yeah, just more of the crazy.
 Then it took a turn to the weird.  
They brought out a "Pegasus" and a "Unicorn" 
 That poor horse is embarrassed. 
 Well, maybe not as embarrassed as this guy...
 They redeemed the show with a bit of trick riding. 
 Later on the elephants were brought out and showed off their skills. 
 Super beautiful animals
 Yay, another parade!  We love parades!
 Then the farm animals joined the menagerie, kinda went a slight bit weird again. 
 Didn't realize llamas and donkey's would be part of the show. 
 The dogs were pretty fun though.  
Ty was impressed with her handstand skills. 

 Don't do it, don't jump! 
 A giant slip in slide table full of clowns. 

 These guys could really jump and flip. 
 From a push up, flying up, and twisting through a moving hoop.  

 A new twist to the tight rope, motorcycle style.
 A classic trapeze act really did well with show off some amazing skills.

 More trick riders. 

 Then a last parade with more acrobats strung from the ceiling! 

It was a fun show and a fun time for a Sunday afternoon.  I'm not sure that we will ever go again, but glad that we can mark it off the bucket list.