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Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Gold Country Classic

Last weekend Tyler had another gym meet, this time taking us to Richmond to the Craneway Pavilion.  The venue was very different from anywhere we have gone before and the views outside were beautiful.  

Ty had another not so stellar meet with falls on many events.  He had a couple of highlights; vault is back in the 9's and season high scores on high bar and floor.  

The team was split into to meets this weekend with our upper level boys in Vegas, so we had a weekend with Coach Dan.  The boys seam to perform differently for him and I love how attentive he is.  

 We were the last session of the night, so this was the awesome view of San Francisco we were able to take in on the way out



Hopefully a couple of weeks off from competition and a weekend trip before his next meet will help.  He has one more shot to make it to state, needing a 53.00 all around score. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 High Tech Meet

This past Sunday Tyler competed at our home meet, the High Tech Invitational.  
The weekend was very busy hosting the home meet.  
Ty did not have a good meet.  He started well on rings, posting a score that was .1 off his season high, but it kinda went down hill from there.  His coaches were a bit baffled and frustrated as he had been showing improvements in practice the 2 weeks leading up to the meet.  


He has 2 more meets this season, with a long shot at making it into the state meet to finish the season.  
This weekend we are heading to Richmond for the Gold Country Classic.  Hoping he is able to hit some routines and get back to his scores from Elk Grove.