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Sunday, June 22, 2014

OV at Arden Meet

This weekend we traveled to the Arden Manor Pirates home pool for our meet.  
The meet went well and we were out by 1:30, great for another hot day.  

Cody had a Blue Ribbon Day!  He came in 1st in all his races, including his two relay teams.  
His times didn't improve over any of his bests from the season, but they were close.
He is starting to narrow down the 3 events he wants to compete in for Champs next month that will give him the best opportunity to qualify for the Sac Valley Meet of Champs. 

Cody's Video

Tyler also had a Blue Ribbon Day!  He came in 1st in all his heats as did his relay teams.  He was in the 1st heat of butterfly (not the fast/scoring heat), but his time was the best for the age group overall.  Unfortunately his medley relay team was DQ'd because of a one hand touch during his breast stroke leg.  (He, of course, insists he touched with 2 hands). 
PR's in two events capped off a great day in the pool! 

Ty's Video

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swim Meet vs Placerville

Another great day in the pool for the boys.  Both had personal records in all 3 of their individual races and they will be very happy with their ribbons on Monday!  

Cody's Day...

Tyler's Day....


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 23

6/3 - 6/9
Not a lot of pictures this week, but we were busy!  

Tyler had his gymnastics award banquet and received a really nice plaque. 
 The boys had their first dual meet of the swim season.  It was a hot one!
 Saturday night we went to another Sac United game, this time with friends!  
It's a ton of fun going to the games, hopefully we'll get to go again.

Meet Techy, our new betta.  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Meet vs Auburn

Saturday we traveled up the hill to the Auburn Robalos pool for our first dual meet of the season.  

The boys had good meet as did the team over all.  We were lucky to have things go very smoothly with timers and equipment, taking us home by 1:30pm on the 100+ degree day. 

Cody had a good individual meet; shaving some time in the IM, coming in 1st in the backstroke, & 3rd in breast.  His relay teams took 1st in the medley and 2nd in the free.  

Cody's Video

Tyler also had a great day in the pool;  coming in 1st in backstroke & shaving time, 3rd in butterfly and no DQ's!  His relay teams came in 1st in both medley and freestyle, plus they were the only 7-8 boys team to not DQ in the medley relay. 

Tyler's Video....

Trying to stay cool with a treat

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gym Banquet

The Technique Competitive Team banquet was tonight, the one time the girls and boys get together.  It was a LONG night with 3/4 of it about the girls team and 1/4 for the boys.  
Hoping next year the boys can have their own celebration to really focus on their accomplishments.

Level 4's minus 2.
  His really nice plaque. 

Accepting his award.....

Monday marks the start of the summer training schedule.  
His time in the gym goes from 6 hours now to a possible 16 if we go to all the practices in a week his coach wants him to be at.  He's technically training as a level 5 over the summer, but we'll have to see where he land at the start of fall. We are hoping that he can have another year as a level 4, learning all the bonus skills and hopefully getting to have a season toward the top of his level instead of the bottom like the last season.   Time will tell! 

Surf Extreme

For Christmas the boys received a gift certificate to go to Surf Extreme in Elk Grove.  
We have been waiting for the perfect time and not wanting to go on a busy weekend, they finally opened for summer hours making Monday a possibility. 

They were both a little apprehensive at first, but once they figured it out it, they had a ton of fun! 
Every time they came off the wave, they each had a huge smile.  

 The worker was great with showing them things to do and helping them. 

They started by sliding in from the bottom and then they were able to jump in from the top. It was hard for Ty to move from side to side because he doesn't have much weight to throw around, but they both figured it out in the end.  
They worked from laying on their bellies to surfing on their knees and Tyler could transition back to belly.  The last trick they showed them was to arch up and belly surf, then grab their board back. 

Tyler's Video

Cody's Video

2014 Time Trials

Saturday marked the start of competition season of swim. 
Both boys swam all 5 individual events and are improving in all the strokes.
I was very proud that both boys did a flip turn during their 50 yard freestyle.  

Cody is looking good in the pool with improvements on 3 of this strokes from last season.  
He's hoping to improve upon his back and butterfly as the year progresses.  
 He is also being a good sport and wearing his new SCOLLAY TigerSharks cap during meets. 

Cody's Video

 Tyler had an awesome day, improving all 5 of his times from last season. 
He is really looking great for the season and it will be fun to see him progress. 

Tyler's Video

Field Day

The boys love their sports and outdoor games.  Our charter school puts on a field day at the end of the school year for them to play a variety of games, including a massive adults vs kids Capture the Flag.  

 Aiden and I went to the park and played.  We would go from the park, to the boys, to the car for snacks, back to the park, to the boys, eat lunch and so on. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 22

5/27 - 6/2

We started to wrap p the school year with field day.  

 Aiden and I went back and forth to the park quiet a bit. 
Friday marked the last day of school!  

 We had Time Trials for swim on Saturday.  Both boys swan well and are setting themselves up for another great season. 

 Sunday was a day for relaxation and a trip downtown to see Wicked.  It was awesome and so much fun to see what the buzz is all about.

Monday the boys went boogie boarding at Wave Extreme in Elk Grove.