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Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden update....

Things are really taking off!  

The potatoes are now sprouting, after being replanted with untreated once, I've covered them with soil three time and will soon start to unroll the potato bag.  

 Starting to get lots of curly tendrils and I think I saw the start of a flower.
 Red lettuce, after being replanted a few weeks ago.  Hoping it doesn't get too hot for this.  
Oh and the white pieces are egg shells, working to keep the snails out.  
(It's doing a great job)
 Sunflowers growing tall and with thick stems.
 Honey do melon is starting to move its way up.
 Take two for our strawberries.  After the first batch died, we ripped them out and took them back to the store.  These didn't look all that great to start with, but are already doing better than the first batch. 
 A few strawberries are starting to grow
 Spaghetti squash; their hiding, but there are quite a few flowers under those big leaves.
 Ty's cucumber plant is making it's way down the side to the ground.
 This will be our first pick once it's fully grown in a few days!
 Replanted green leaf lettuce, a few sprouts.
 Tomato plant is still growing, but has been moved in hopes of getting it longer sun exposure.
 Same thing with our corn.

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