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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week 52

12/23 - 31

We went to Arden Creek Park to play.  This place is awesome!
A playground and zip line for the kids to play on was a highlight.  

 They also have a nice walking/bike track with workout stations to stop at along the way. 
Christmas Eve fun, graham cracker scenes. 


 Cody had another Saturday morning practice. 

We quietly rang in the new year at home, watching some of the music shows on TV, popping Pop-It's and counting down with King Julian on Netflix.  

 Happy New Year to You and Yours! 

Friday, December 26, 2014


We had a great Christmas! 
Everyone received wonderful gifts and it was fun to see the looks of enjoyment for the gifts we gave.  

Santa came, leaving the stockings filled and gifts for the boys.  
 The boys were excited to get bows (archery) all their own after loving the classes they have been taking.  They also have a target to practice with. 
 More loom bands to restock their boxes
 The pogo stick that has been on the list since before last Christmas
 A working motor kit. 
 Stockings filled with treats, chap stick and a Nano Block set (miniature Lego type sets)
 Then it was on to the family gifts. 
 Camaro model from Uncle Tim
 Fire Truck model
 We turned on the yule log for ambiance
 Legos from Grandma
 Really cool, Lego Technic book
 A new stack of books 
 After we had some cinnamon pull-aparts the boys got to work on building their toys 

 Ty tryout out the pogo stick before heading off to Grandma & Grandpa Scollay's.
 More Presents! 

 Virginia & Annabel
 with Eli and a reluctant Aiden
 Before we could start the Christmas celebration we had to celebrate Stu's birthday that was on the 12th. 
 Time to open. 
 Judy has been very busy!  
She finished this t-shirt quilt for me from my high school shirts

 A girl scout throw-back for Virginia
 As well as a University t-shirt quilt for Eli (that I didn't get a picture of).

A beautiful knitted dress for Annabel
 Ms. Annabel hung out on the couch during presents with her new tag blanket I made for her

 A custom made wind chime for Grandpa
 Ty reading through a book Grandpa received.
 Ty brought his pogo stick to show everyone. 
 Cody giving it a try. 

 Playing with chalk
 Then it was home for the rest of the day to play some more

 Ty's new Arctic Helicopter
 My new Keurig (really a family gift)!
 The neighbor brought over gifts for the boys, a helicopter in a sphere and battling bumper car dudes.
 They are apparently hard to steer and kept going under the couch.  When they did have control of them and you hit in the right spot, it would eject the driver. 
 We finished the day with a simple dinner of ham, potatoes and rolls

We hope you all had as wonderful a day as we did!