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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Swim Award Night....

The boys had another great season on the TigerSharks.  Both boys broke personal records on and off all season and Cody qualified for Meet of Champs.  

Tyler and the 7-8 boys

 Cody and the 9-10 Boys.....

Coach Devon always graces us with the super belly flop off the guard towers.....

 The boys with one of their favorite coaches, Natalie.

7/20 VFCAL Champs!

We have survived most of the season and have finally made it to our league champs!  
It was a super long day at the pool, but both boys swam well and had a good day.  

 We started off the day with the new team cheer.....
 The boys and their buddies....

Cody had a good day, with a personal best in backstroke and qualifying for Meet of Champs in two events.   

Here's his video for the day, not the best shooting.....

Ty also have a good day.  He also had a person best in backstroke but didn't make the cut for MOC.  He missed it by about a tenth in backstroke placing 11th.  We have had to remind him that he had a really good season, being very young in his age group and finishing in the high middle of the pack.  
Next year will be great!  
Ty twinning out with his buddy Riley as they get ready for their medley relay.

 Some of the 7-8 boys.....


Here is his video......

So we are set up for 2 more weeks of swim practice and then off to the MOC in Roseville.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15 at Cordova

This week we had our last dual meet of the season, swimming at Cordova.  
On the admin side of things it was a mess.  
The boys, however, had a great day.  
Keith was able to take the day off to see them swim as well.  

Cody getting ready for backstroke. 

Cody's times were finally back on track from about a month ago.  His form is lacking, but hopefully that can be worked on this week before our league champs. 

Ty getting ready for his medley relay. 

Ty also had a great day with 2 PR's and his medley team finally didn't DQ!  
He's ready for Champs and might even get a spot in the Meet of Champs.  

6/29 vs Arden Manor

We had our last home meet vs Arden Manor. 
 It was another super hot day and the times reflected that.  

Cody finishing his medley relay leg.
 Cody has been hanging out with the coaches a lot this year, but who can blame him, they are all pretty cute!

This times were not the best today, hoping he finds his rhythm again before Champs.  

Tyler had a decent day, getting the chance to swim breast and fly.

Getting ready for this medley leg.

 Hanging out between races.

He swam well, with a slight PR in freestyle. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swim Team BBQ

We had the annual family BBQ for swim that includes open swim afterwards.   A lot of the coaches get in to play, which the kids love.  A couple of the boys' favorites were there to play.