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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family Trip Day 3

Santa Cruz was the day's agenda. 
 Starting off at Natural Bridges State Park for tide pooling

 We loved seeing the rocks.
 and the waves.

 Taking a moment to dig in the sand.
 Giant Green Anemone

 So many different colored star fish

 Purple shore crabs
 Purple Urchin

 We weren't sure if this star fish was eating this clam or if the crabs were scavenging the star fish.
 Very territorial dudes, we saw quite a few fighting for their holes.

The tide was coming in so we headed back to the cars and split off.  
Our first stop was to the Museum of Natural History for a snake presentation. 

 Time wise, we probably should have skipped this because it's something we could have seen at home, but it was interesting.  
After the show, Ty wanted to get a spider painted on his face.
 Cody climbed on the giant whale. 
 We then walked towards the Boardwalk and Wharf.
So much beauty! 

 Sea Lions hanging out on the low docks for some sun.

 Lots of boats out to sea
 We walked around the Woodies on the Wharf car show for a bit.

 After a long walk back to the car, we headed back to camp.    The boys bounced and rode bikes some more, then it was campfire time.

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