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Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 Nor Cal State Meet

Tyler wrapped up his 2016-2017 season this weekend at the Nor Cal 6-10 State Meet in Oroville.  
He didn't have the meet he was hoping for, running out of steam towards the end, but had some successes.  


He started on floor and came within a tenth of his season best.  After a so-so warm up, he landed all his tumbling passes and had a decent showing of his in-between skills.  
I had an operator error and didn't get it on video.  


 Cheering on their level 7 teammate, Riley.

The best event of the day was pommel with a season high of 9.0, earning him a 4th overall place on the podium.  It's good to see him having success on this event because it's always been a tough one. 

Rings was a good event today, within a tenth of his season best and earning a 2nd place spot on the podium.  His back lever is still almost non resistant, but his form is getting better on other spots.  He stuck his landing like there was glue on his feet, Finally!  

Vault improved a bit from the last meet, but wasn't his best.  He has some beautiful vaults that come out in practice where he pops off the table, but they haven't shown up on the competition floor this season.  We know it's in there, it just has to come out at the right time.

P-Bars and High Bar were not good showings today.  He looked okay in his warm ups for p-bars, hitting his handstands at the end.  Consistency is not his game and it didn't come together when it was his turn to go. 

High Bar was just a bit tired, resulting in a low score.  Crazy legs were back and the judges saw all the mistakes.  

His little team of 3 took 1st place overall for the Level 6, Division 2 thanks to the great showing by his teammates.

Up next, lots of practice!  
The list is long, but with their season over, his group can continue working on level 7 skills.  This is always a fun time of the year because they are strong from just finishing season and new skills start to come out.  He has already started working on some new things, hopefully to be continued.  

Repetition is the key for Ty.  He needs a lot of time to move skills into his long term muscle memory. This proved to be a big issue again this season with not having the confidence and consistency in a lot of his skills.  Onward and upward.  

Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Cal Benefit Cup

This past weekend Tyler had his last regular season meet in Berkeley for the Cal Benefit Cup.  
Overall he had a good meet, no falls, hit all his tumbling and placed well.  His all around score was this season's high at 47.2.  There is still a ton of little things he can clean up that would raise his scores, hopefully he will put in some hard work to be ready for the state meet in 2 weeks.