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Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015 Judge's Cup

Tyler had his first meet of the season in Emeryville at Head Over Heals gymnastics for the Judge's Cup.  This meet was a practice meet for the NorCal men's judges and ran like a clinic.  The boys would take their turn on an apparatus and then the judge's would talk to the boys about their routines.  Hopefully hearing corrections from the judges will help them realize that little things make big differences.  
Ty had a decent meet for the first one of the season.  He has a lot of things to clean up and work on, but he is starting off better than last season.   

November Soccer

Cody had 3 more games in November to finish off the season.  They started off with a bad loss, then a good comeback win and ended with a close 0-1 loss that was told to be a good game.  

We are all glad to have the season over, but will miss the activity.  Hopefully we'll be able to find him another soccer outlet as we move forward into winter. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015


The boys had a good Halloween day.  

Cody's team played well and ended their game with a 3-0 win.  
Cody also earned the captains band for another week.  

We met up with friends for pizza and appetizers before heading out to their favorite TOT spot in Fair Oaks.  
 There were a ton of kids out and a lot of really awesomely decorated houses. 
 The boys had a great time. 

Their candy hauls were very impressive!  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Harvest and Pumpkin Fun

We took advantage of a nice Monday to trek up to Apple Hill to take in some fall fun.

 The boys had fun at the Visions Harvest Festival this past week, playing games and having treats while catching up with friends. 

 Sunday was the day to carve pumpkins
 Wait, What?

  Tyler's headless horseman

 Cody's Spider
 Mom's painted and felt owl pumpkin (Thanks Target!)


October Soccer

Cody's team is moving along with their season, pickup up their game a bit as they go. 
They have a couple of wins under their belts and it's helped in the confidence department.  

Cody is happy to be playing soccer, he has a strong love for the game.  We are a bit worried that this season has set him back some and he's become frustrated with the team and his options.  So, this puts him back into soccer limbo as we head into the off season.  Hoping to find some clinics to help him brush up on his skills if he wants to try the comp world again.    

4 more games!