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Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Oroville Invitational

The first meet of the new year was this past weekend in Oroville.  
This one came with some ups and downs.  

Ty placed 1st on Vault, with a great vault that we were excited to see on the competition floor.  
He was also able to improve his scores for pommel and p-bars.  
High bar was so-so, with a lower score this meet.  Rings and floor both had some major for issues that really cost him in the score department (and not just the fall at the end).  


 He will always find the snacks on the floor.
 Waiting for awards, a BMX game on a friend's phone.
 Vault Champion!
 High Bar
 All Around

Next weekend we travel down to Stanford for the first of the big meets of the season.  
Hopefully some work this week will result in confidence and fixes for next weekend. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Evening

We spent the evening with the Scollay side of the family.  
More presents, great food and family rounded out our day. 

This was left off the other post.
The boys gave me this bird feeder because they know I like to take pictures of pretty birds.  Interested to see what we attract. 
 Time to pass out the gifts. 

 Judy made this t-shirt quilt for Eli
 Tyler was so excited for this, it wasn't officially on his list but he really wanted it!

 Judy also made this wall hanging for Rich that highlights a trip they took to the northwest.
 Cousins were given the boys' old Leappads and bags, excited for them to get some use after sitting on the shelf the last couple of years.

 Pre-dinner Gingerbread house building

I'm excited that we received a new tent for the family because both of our old ones are shot.  This will make our trip in June easier to plan knowing we can camp through the second half. 
I also received an Instant Pot cooker, so excited to see what it can do! 
Cody received cash to go towards his DC trip next fall, plus a cool LEGO Technic Go-Kart and Nano block set.  
Tyler added to his LEGO collection and picked up some cash to go towards his meet season travel. 
Keith received a new camping cot that will hopefully make our week away more comfortable, a new dish washable travel coffee mug and some Starbuck's cash. 

We had a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve and Morning

We have had a relaxing Christmas time this year.  
Christmas eve was spent finishing up a couple of last minute items and watching movies.  
The boys opened the last day on the advent calendar to complete their LEGO sets.   
It's be a tortuous month, building a couple of pieces each day.

 Tyler put out some fudge and a Coke for Santa.  
He was insistent that we find a cool Coke bottle.

 Christmas Morning!
 This boy loves his fluffy friends, a new lion for his collection
 A new watch to replace the one lost during the summer.

 More LEGO!

 A cool, wooden dragster the boys found for Keith up at Apple Hill
 Ready for swim season!
We also had a round of new cameras at the house with Mom getting a new one, mom's old one passed down to Cody and Tyler picking up a new pocket sized one. 

 Let the building begin! 

 This is about as clean as his room gets
 Already built 3 sets by 10am

This afternoon we will head to the Scollay Family Christmas