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Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Hunt!

This year's great pumpkin hunt included most of the Scollay side of the family with a trip to Fog Willow Farms.   We've been to this farm before and enjoyed the mellow, not-so-crowded atmosphere, animals, hayride and of course pumpkins. 

All the boys, ready to go in!  

 So tall!

 Watching the goats run through the fort.

 Mom said pose...

 Lots of animals to see.

 Cody protecting Aiden from the rabbits.

 The hay ride was a bit cramped.
 The shot (not great)....
 Took a bit of set up

 Ms. Annabel with mama
 We came home with little pumpkins,Ty painted his right away.

Patch pumpkins were a bit too expensive, so we will pick some carvers closer to Halloween.

Week 41

10/7 - 13

The boys Love the neighbors new driveways, awesome for skating. 
"Take his picture!"

Cody riding his Rip Stik, much better than the skate board

A good friend is turning 40, so we had a surprise party for her at the park.  
Cupcakes for all! 

Tyler is officially moving up to Level 5 for this competition season.  He's been working hard over the summer and is so close to nailing all his skills for the 1st meet in December.  
Last weekend we were able to purchase all of his uniform pieces at the uniform swap (he looks so cute, I mean strong and manly)
Here's a few skills he's been working on. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 40

9/30 - 10/6

Any guesses on what this one is going to be for Halloween? 

Oh look, another soccer Saturday!  Another disappointing outcome for the Tigers. 
  While Cody and I were at soccer and pictures, Tyler spent the day with Grandpa.

They started off at a safety fair at Home Depot and Ty was able to build a couple of cool models. 
 They they headed to a model train show to get some inspiration.  After that they hit a couple of garage sales before ending their adventure. 
 Sunday we all took a trip to the Pumpkin patch.  More to come on that soon. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 39

9/23 - 29

This week we had a Friday night game with beautiful weather and another loss.  It was a close game though 0-2 and the boys played well.  
 This opened up the weekend to catch up on my quilt blocks.