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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Having a grey Christmas.....

Grey as in concrete!  
The neighborhood has had a lot of concrete work done this year and we have been wanting to get the side yard paved to be able to park behind the fence.  
So after going through bids for over a month, it happened, very quickly!  
Keith got his side yard for Christmas and the house has a fixed driveway and matching walkway to the door.  


Then the tractor arrived...

Forms were lade, re-bar put in, and a gravel base put down...

There was a lot of this going on over the two days.

We had threat of rain overnight so they completely tarpped their hard work so it would be good for pouring the next day.

It did sprinkle a bit overnight, so it was worth the time.

Then the truck showed up and it was a busy morning!

Truck #2 came to finish a small corner on the drive and the side yard.

Finished and setting....

Now we get to stay off of it for a month. 

Football Jamboree

Cody had his first football games at the league jamboree.  Each team played 3-4 short, ones sided games (only playing offense or defense during the game).  It gave the coaches a chance to see how things were coming together before the regular season starts in January.  

Warm Ups

His team played offense the first game and did pretty well.  

The last 3 games they played defense.  Cody has been given a lineman type position with his goal being the quarterback. 

He is having a really great time and we all really like the coaches.  
Hopefully practices will pick up after the holidays and it will be fun to see how they play in their games.