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Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/21 Intersquad

Tyler competed for the first time as a level 5 at the team Intersquad meet.  
It was a rough going, but luckily they have 2 weeks until their first meet to work on things. 
There was a lot of learning going on for him and his coaches.  

On an up note, he looked super cute (I mean strong and handsome) in his new uniform.  

Here are his routines.  He really has improved a lot since last spring.  With some clean up and focus this next two weeks, we're hoping he can improve his scores for the Season Opener.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 46

11/11 - 17 
Fall crafting! 
A table runner for the kitchen table.   
 Owls dressed as turkeys, pilgrims and themselves. 
 Fall wreath for the door
They are hard to see in the picture, but it is has lots of leaves all over.  
Made by covering a wicker wreath with brown and orange/gold variegated garland.  

The start of the Christmas crafty, a stocking for Annabel.  

 The boys had their monthly enrichment classes in Rescue.  
One of the advisers took this shot of Ty during his archery class. 
 Recycled bag art

Thursday the boys had a bonus set of art classes in Roseville.  
They were happy to see their monthly art teacher for a scarecrow picture. 
 Decorating a holiday plate, Cody did a Christmas one and Ty did a Thanksgiving theme.  
Can't wait to pick these up on the 24th! 

Monday we dropped Cody off at Sly Park Environmental Education Center for a week long science camp.  It took about a 1 minute for him to quickly give some hugs and jump into the group heading off to play basketball as they waited for cabin assignments.  

The rest of us took advantage of the beautiful day and went exploring.  
 Bummed to drop brother for a week, but excited to play around for the day!
 At the second stop we found sheets of ice in the stream. 
Ty was having a blast picking them out of the water and breaking them on the rocks. 

Can't wait to see my boy and hear all about his week!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 45

11/4 - 10
November's Block finished.  
Another weekend of soccer, Commissioner's Cup Tournament. 

 After another discouraging weekend and Cody feeling very down about the game, we decided his season needed to be over.  Now to figure out something for the Winter! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 44

10/28 - 11/3

Another block of the month. 
 I cannot get this block to photograph with it's true colors, much more green than the blue showing up. 

The boys tested our last nerve this past week with sneaking things and lying about it.  As this has been an ongoing problem it was time to pull out the big guns and cancel Halloween.  
So this was my Friday night at gym, making November's lesson plans. 
 Ty ended up alone in the gym with a hotdog for a coach. 
 Cody's team had their end of season party on Sunday, kickball at an indoor softball arena.  
The boys had a great time!  

 They still have a tournament this weekend and possibly the next, plus one more regular season game that is still needing to be rescheduled. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 43

10/21 - 27

There has been a lot of concrete work going on in our neighborhood.  The boys have been camped out outside whenever possible to check it out.  Poor day fun! 

Friday we went to the OV Community Center for Trunk or Treat.  
The boys looked great in their costumes.  
 Cody the Red Skittle
 Tyler the Minion

 Following the ToT we headed inside to watch ParaNorman on the big screen.  Such a weird movie, but fun for Friday night! 

 Mama is glad that they were able to wear their costumes once as we have had to cancel Halloween because of bad behavior.  After being caught sneaking things that are not allowed and then lying about it, we've had enough and had to call in the big guns.  
I'm super bummed to miss out on TOT with friends, but really hoping this sinks in this time.  

Cody's team played in the Ghost and Goals tournament in Granite Bay.  
Before his first game, getting a shot of his costume uniform before potentially being destroyed by the muddy fields. 
Sharp Dressed Skeletons
 The boys started off with an awesome 7-1 win, then lost 0-2 in their second game on Saturday. 
We had wishful hopes going into Sunday they they could take 3rd if they showed up to play.  Unfortunately that didn't happen and they lost 0-5.  
 Cody played hard and had a spectacular run in the last game. 

One more regular season game on 11/1 and a tournament the following weekend to cap off another season. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 42

10/14 - 20

Finally finished the boys' swim ribbon holders for the year. 

 Starting to run out of space! 
 When you have a gymnast in the house, you find the skeletons like this.....

Thanks to BzzAgent and Matel, the boys received a new toy to try.  
The Street Hawk switches from car to plane with a flip of a switch.  It's rechargeable and charging off the remote batteries or a wall charger.  The boys have been having a blast with it!  

The Tigers had a good game this weekend, ending with a 1-0 win!  

Now to get the Halloween costumes finished!