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Sunday, December 17, 2017

2017 Intersquad

Meet season is here again for Tyler. 

He moved up to level 7 this fall and will compete in division 2 with the basic routines. 
He's struggled with his skills and add new ones, having gained some of the requirements and then losing them. There are also a few things missing or very close, mainly needing to find some confidence that he can do them.  So we'll see what happens throughout the season. 

He did have fun and that's what counts. 

He started on the pommel.  Some work on his legs will go a long way, but he stayed on the horse the whole time, a good place to start. 

 Floor was his second rotation.  I was proud to see that he tried all his tumbling passes. He just missed the landing on his front tuck series, but he can get it. He needs to do a layout instead of a tuck in his first pass, so that docked him some points as well. Presentation is always his issue on floor, it's amazing how many tenths he loses with this.  

I'm not really sure how his vault looked, I didn't click the record button right on my camera and missed it.  He's been doing so-so at practice because he's not coming off the table very strong. He's doing better with his harder vaults, but not ready to land them yet.  Hopefully, he'll be able to transition towards the end of the season. 

Vault upgrades he's working on. 

Rings are always a flip of the coin, today wasn't his best but he made it through.  Presentation and the little things are a starting point, then needs some confidence in the harder skills. All things he can do and fix, only up from here. 
 Crazy legs! 

High Bar was his bottom even today but we knew that would most likely be the case. 
He has some big skills added in this year, with giants going both ways and having to do a pirouette to switch directions as well. He has done it all in pieces, but not all together. Even with a fall off the bar today, he had some small victories.  Confidence is key.  
His gym twin, also with some crazy legs. 

 His last event was P-Bars.  Same comments as above apply here as well.  He is currently missing his dismount, a bit of a mental block for him right now.  Handstands and form are killing him, but again, all stuff he can fix. 


His first meet of the season will be the second weekend of January at Cal in Berkley, about a month to work out some bugs and gain some confidence. 

December Happenings

We've checked off a few holiday time favorites this season.

A trip to Dovewood Ct 
 The new Nightmare before Christmas house, love it! 

 Making and baking some goodies

The saga of the tree that fell a year ago is finally over with the brand new fence finally installed. 

The annual Momtourage Christmas party is my favorite event of the season.
Goody plates ready to go.
 These kiddos have known each other since they were 3-4 years old.  Giants, all of them. 

We did a favorite things gift exchange this year between the moms, love everything!  Cozy socks with an owl face, fun saying sign, lovely lotions and chocolates. Jen hit it out of the park with matching tumblers that have Momtourage on them. 

We also had our annual ugly ornament exchange.  There were some real gems this year. 
Pincushion fancy ball, busty pig in a tutu, hamburger Elmo, realistic mouse, plunger (with the story of the plunger printed on it), Reese's peanut butter cup, peanut butter toast (made of foam that had a texture issue), sad llama, inappropriate faceless dog, weird sushi thing, sexy lady cat and the giant salmon. 

 We brought the hamburger Elmo that won the prize for the best of the uglies.

 We came home with these two. 
The mouse was a bit much for my nerves after dealing with constant mouse problems all summer at the pool.  So many days we would open the shed and have them come out at us.  YUCK! 
 It was packaged so nicely in an awesome box, embedded in white tissue paper, so realistic.  
 To see the full scale of the salmon

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving and Stu's Birthday

We had a lovely, low key Thanksgiving, with wonderful food and family time. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Fun

Bellow was the word for yet another good Halloween. 
We started off the Friday before with an impromptu trip to a friends house to carve pumpkins. 

 Cody did headstones with a bat. Tyler did a cat in the moon. 

Halloween morning, witches brew and comfy leggings
 Jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner

Tyler decided to go as victim of a cuddly bear attack. 

Cody had a friend over and they walked around for a bit seeing neighborhood friends and then came back to the house to hang out.