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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sacramento County Fair

This past week, I entered a contest on the Facebook page for the boys' dentist office to win tickets to the county fair.  Thursday, the marketing manger called and said that we had won!  
It's been since Cody was in preschool since we'd been to the County Fair, so  we were excited to go check it out.  

When we arrived they horse arena was busy with a herding competition. 
Having never seen this before, it was really interesting to see the different style and who really knew what they were doing. 
 The boys enjoyed checking out the small engines and machines.

 We walked through the livestock barn to see the goats, sheep and pigs, making a stop to really check out the rabbits.  
They had a couple out on display to pet and then one of the owners pulled out a little guy for Tyler to hold. 
 Then he handed off the 15 pounder to Cody.  
 Sonoma Raceway had a booth set up and the boys loved seeing Busch's car.
 Inside the expo building they had crafts and exhibits, then a big hands on game display.
Giant bubbles.

 Boy in a bubble....
 The boys waited for a chance to play a game of giant checkers
 We walked around a bit more, but there wasn't that much to see.  
The boys chose a ride before we took off. 

We had an okay time, honestly glad we didn't pay for the tickets.  
I think we may be a bit to cheap to really enjoy these kinds of things, it just seams so ridiculous.
Hopefully we'll get over that a bit and enjoy the state fair a bit more in July.   

Monday, May 20, 2013

Folsom Invitational Swim Meet

Cody started out his swim season this weekend with an invitational meet in Folsom.  It was a good time and interesting to see some of the other teams.  
He had a good time and did great!  

Our time trials are in two weeks, it will be fun to see how things stack up!