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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mini Surprise Party...

Keith's Birthday is this weekend, so with some help from Gramma D, the boys put together a mini surprise party.  
They made pictures and cards
 Decorated goodie bags

 Helped put up decorations
 Made and decorated a brownie cake

 Shaking the pan to even out the batter
 Sneaking a self portrait with my camera

 Excited much?

We went out to Red Robin for dinner and enjoyed that cake and ice cream for dessert.  

Happy Birthday Keith!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swim Team Awards Night

The boys have had a great season with the Tigersharks.  Tonight we celebrated that season with a picnic dinner, awards and fun at the pool.   
Both boys received a cool Tigersharks medal with their names and age groups on the back. 
Tyler's 6U group
 Coach Brooke giving him his medal

 Showing off his 3rd place relay medal from Champs as well.
 Cody's 7-8 group
 Medal from coach Tyler
 Cody received one of two special awards for his age group, the Coach's award.  
This is given for good attitude, hard work, showing up to practices and making improvements through out the season.  It's very well deserved! 
 With his 3rd place backstroke and relay medals from Champs.
 Coaches award.
 Tyler's good buddy Tyler and their favorite coaches.
 Cool team medals

Cody is moving on to the Meet of Champions because of this 3rd place finish at champs.  
Tyler's relay team also qualified, so depending on what the other 3 swimmers decided to do, he may be headed there as well.  

The boys have had an awesome first season of swim and Cody has already said that he wants to do it again next year.  Amazing coaches and a fun team!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

VFCAL Championships

We had a long day at the pool, but came home with some top finishes!
VFCAL Champions with all 5 teams in our league swimming together.  
Tigersharks Cheer!
 Tyler ready for his relay, they finished 3rd!  
They also bettered their overall time by 8 seconds.

 Cody ready for his medley relay, first leg, backstroke. 
 Tyler swam freestyle in 32.43, a little slower today. 
Then he finished up his day with backstroke, 37.93.

 Cody's next event was backstroke.  He finished in 23.76 (1.91 faster) placing him 3rd overall for the meet!  This earned him a spot at the Meet of Championships for the whole Sacramento Valley!

 Next he swam the 50 y freestyle, 49.63 (7.07 faster!)
 Next up he swam butterfly, 31.60 a bit slower this week.
He finished the day with the freestyle relay, his team coming in 3rd!

Here's our Champs rig....

We find out more tomorrow at the end of the season party about what's to come with the Meet of Champions and the boys should receive medals for their 3rd place finishes!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Swim Meet vs Auburn

We headed up the hill to Auburn for our last swim meet before champs.  We thought it might be smokey because of the fires that are burning nearby, but the wind was in our favor and it was a nice morning.
The boys were swimming very fast today, shaving seconds off of all their personal bests in their individual events.  Both of the freestyle relay teams had a great showing as well, Tyler's team came in 1st and Cody in 3rd!
Tyler ready for his relay

Tyler 25 yard freestyle 31.73 (5.07 faster)

Cody 25 yard freestyle 20.95 (2.88 faster)

Tyler 25 yard backstroke 34.75 (2.93 faster)

Cody 25y breaststroke 35.36 (5.43 faster)

Cody starting butterfly.  Had some camera malfunctions, so no video.
30.89 (3.37 faster)

 Cody ready for his relay.

Champs are next weekend, Go Tigersharks!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

We had a mellow 4th of July this year, part of it because it was on a Wednesday and because there just wasn't much going on in the area.   
We spent the afternoon at the OV pool for a swim and duck races. 
Ty had his face painted like a tiger!
 In the evening we headed over to Rich and Judy's for a block party.  
In one of the neighboring fields they had set up a super long slip and slide.  
The boys were in heaven. 

 Cody was slow to get started, ever so cautious

 Once he finally got started he had a blast.

 Once the sun started to go down a bit they started lighting off a few fireworks.
 Ty wanted another painting for the day
 The unpredictable nature of the fireworks, had the boys standing around with their ears plugged the whole time.  Making it hard to eat dessert or enjoy the time. 
 We headed home pretty early.  Next year we'll plan better and buy our own fireworks to do at the house.