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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Cody!

Here we are again, another gone by and now we've reached year 9!  
Sweet Cody, who loves to build, loves soccer and swimming, love pizza and lasagna, can always be found with a good book and is a smarty pants has reached the last year of single digits.  
He was lucky enough to share his birthday this year with Easter, so there was a lot going going on.  
 This is what 9 looks like!
 We celebrated his day with presents and cake.
 A new skate board from Mom and Dad, skate lessons from Grandma and Grandpa S.
 A big LEGO set.
 Ten whole dollars!
 Soccer ball and kick trainer
 Really cool hover craft, can't wait to see what it does.
 That's a lot of candles.


Next weekend we'll celebrate with his friends, can't wait!

Easter Lunch

After a fun morning at our house, we headed over to Rich and Judy's for lunch and the annual egg hunt.  
Hanging out....
 The hunt was on...


 Tyler working decoding his word with Grandma S.

The big kids all had the same phrase "family fun."
  Cody's word, "basket"
 Grandpa S. and his boys.
 Always fun to hang out with Uncle Stu!

Easter Morning

Easter has met us again and as the boys get a bit older, it's fun to make them work for their goodies!  
Thanks to Pinterest, I found a fun scavenger hunt idea.  



Aqua Egg Hunt

The boys still love a good egg hunt.  Cody is on the edge of being a bit old for that sort of thing, but Tyler still fits the age group well.  In hopes of finding something a bit different, the Aqua Egg hunt in El Dorado Hills was perfect.  
Easter bunny in he life guarding gear.  
 Lots of eggs!

Some sunk and resting on the bottom. 
 Waiting for the green light to go. 

 Checking out their loot.
Some eggs had tickets for special prizes, some had little trinkets inside and empty eggs could be traded back in for candy.
 They left the pool open for about 45 minutes after the hunt, eventually opening the diving boards as well.  Ty had fun jumping off.