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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cody turns 10!

Holy moly,  we've hit the double digits!  

Cody has turned out to be a smart, curious, and kind guy.  His usual spot is tucked away somewhere cozy with a book, if allowed, he would spend hours sitting in the sun engrossed in a tale.  He is still our soccer guy that is excited to get back into the pool for another swim season.  

Turning 10 was full of good times!  A video game party with friends, family dinner with CA family, donuts for breakfast, and a visit from ID family for more fun!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day Trip....

Tuesday we took a trip to Stockton to see a play version of Peter Pan.  It was a fun interpretation that we all enjoyed.  On our way home we stopped in Lodi to visit Micke Grove Park.  
We explored the zoo, rode the Scrambler, walked through the Japanese Gardens and played at the park.  Awesome way to spend a Tuesday!

The zoo was small, but had some great exhibits.  They had a lot of birds, monkeys, lemurs and turtles with some other creatures mixed in.  A lot of the exhibits had multiple animals. 
 These little monkeys were fun to watch and super quick when they decided to move.
 Cody explaining the lion mane look they had.
 The next exhibit was a a bird atrium that you could walk into, Cody really liked this one.  
These guys were very interesting with beautiful blue and purple on the backs.
 Nests along the back wall....
 The color of these birds was amazing. 

 They had a few reptiles, lots that like to stick to the edges. 

 Lazy lemurs....
 with turtles in the mote surrounding them....

  The bobcat was very active.  He was fun to watch as he would prowl around the back of the box and then pounce through it with amazing speed. 

 The most beautiful squirrel I've ever seen.


 There is a small amusement park with little kid rides.  They also have a Scrambler and Tilt-a-Whirl, that was broken.  Cody was a good sport to go for a spin.  Tyler had a blast!
 I sent the boys over to the park to play and walked through the Japanese Gardens.  So tranquil and relaxing with gorgeous landscaping.
 They had two ponds with giant koi fish.  I could have sat and watched them all day.

 As we drove through the park we counted 3 different playgrounds, this one was by far the tallest! 

 Then it was time to come back to town for gymnastics.  
After that we followed the rainbow towards home.  

Oh and for the record, I'm hating the boys' hair dos.  We may turn it into a health project to see how fast hair actually grows.