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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let the soccer season begin!

Soccer practice started a few weeks ago and this weekend was the seeding tournament for Cody's team.  I've not been able to take any pictures of either of the boy's teams yet, being the assistant coach for both, but luckily we have some great parents that have!  

A couple of the boys had handheld games, naturally the rest had to go see what was happening...
 Lined up and ready to go!
 Cody played hard, playing most of the 5 games.  He's figuring out his role, now he just needs to build some confidence in what he's doing. 

We have one weekend off, then we dive into two teams each Saturday. Hopefully we can all keep up!

Thanks to John and Rachael for the great pictures!

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of School

Today marked the first day of Kindergarten for Tyler and the first day of 2nd grade for Cody.  

Walking up the ramp to school...

Cody is starting the Rapid Learner program at school this year.  I'm a little nervous but so happy he is in the program.  He's excited because his best buddy is in class with him again.

Getting ready to leave...
 Where he'll be learning all kinds of new things!
 In line with his best buddy Ethan...
 Off they go! 
 He's right in the middle of the room...
 Cody reported back that he had a good day.  They started with a get to know you game and as well as learning things about their teacher.  They listened to a couple of stories, then took a tour of the school to show all the new kids around (only about 8 kids in the class went to Pershing last year).  Then it was recess.  He did other things but couldn't remember what.  Then it was lunch time.  Lunch is the same time as last year and they also go out with the 1st and 2nd grade classes.  After lunch the were handed out a planner and went through it a bit and their Pershing folders were handed out.  At some point during the day they learned that they have computer lab, library time, PE and Art throughout the week.  Then it was time to go home. 

Tyler ready to leave...
 My big guy looking so little....
 Excited to have his turn to ride the bikes at school...
 Lined up and ready to go in...
 Off they go...
Ty reported back that he had a good day.  They started the day on the carpet and then went to their desks.  At some point they worked on some sorting, by color and then by object.  They also did a sheet on the letter "A."  He had snack/recess and decided tomorrow he needs to eat faster so he has more time to play.  They were told they get to go to the computer lab and library, but couldn't remember when.  He liked his teacher and saw friends from soccer.  Successful day on the books!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tyler's 5th Birthday Party!

Today was Tyler's 5th Birthday party. (His Birthday is on the 29th, a mere 13 days away!)

We took our party to the OV Community Pool; with 3 reserved tables in the shade, lots of sunshine for a good swim, snacks, cupcakes and lots of good friends.  

Ty spent a lot of time of the slide today.

 Cody had a lot of fun with his friends.

 Finished cupcakes on display.
 The hair is the product of a good time!
 with Grandpa D
with Gramma D
 Keith and his Mom
 Tyler wanted to take Keith down the slide.
 Somebody won't be bored for a couple of weeks! 

Such a fun day and a good way to round out our summer before school starts!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting Ready to Party...

Party planning and preparations have begun!  

Tyler is turning 5 in a couple of weeks so it's time to get our party on before school starts!  

We made up a bunch of back pack charms for the goody bags.
(also what we'll give to his classmates on his actual Birthday)
 He decided he wanted a tie-dyed theme after seeing it in the party catalog, so to go along with that we found these mini swirly lollipops and added a 5 to make them special. 

 Then came the cupcakes. After putting my Google skills to work, I found tie-dyed cupcakes.

You start with a basic white/yellow cake mix. 
Divide it evenly between as many colors you would like to have. 
 This is two boxes of mix to make enough cupcakes for all the guests.

Next, add your dye.  I had some orange left over from another time and purchased basic food coloring gel from the grocery.  

Color to your liking...

Then add the batter a Tablespoon at a time, dropping it in different areas of the cup so it's a mosaic of color.  Once settled it will look like this.  

Next take a knife or dowel and swirl to give it that tie-dye effect.  
I put my dowel in the middle of the cupcake, then made a big swirl towards the edge, only going around about one time.  Carefully pull the dowel out and swirl it a bit around the top with the excess, then wipe the dowel clean.  If you swirl too much the color will run together to make brown and you'll lose the effect.  

Here's the the swirled cupcake ready to bake. 
 Out of the oven...

Tyler was disappointed that I bought plain white cupcake liners (instead of characters or something) until we pulled them out and we were able to see through to the awesomeness.  

I'm not sure how we are going to frost them yet.  Something simple so as not to take away.  If Ty would let me I would dust them with powder sugar and call them good, but I'm not sure he'll go for that!  

So, the party is planned, snacks purchased, tableware ready and we are just waiting for Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today was haircut day for the boys.  The kids salon was packed with people there for the $10 day. 
Cody getting ready with his game started....
 Tyler all ready to go...
 Cody all finished
Before                           After
 After looking at Cody's hair all afternoon, I'm not happy with it.  It's not short enough on top and it's very uneven across the front.  I realized later she cut his hair to be combed to the side, but his hair goes forward.  So, I have a feeling we'll be back for a redo in a week or two.  

Tyler's new do...
Before                           After
 I'm pretty sure his stylist, Brian, was afraid to cut his hair.  It's not as short as I had hoped it to be either.  Here is the reference I was brought along.....
He said his hair was already like this only longer.  I see it as much more chunky layers and a lot shorter in the front, without being mullet-ish. I know that Ty's hair is a different texture, but thought it would work out okay.
 Tyler on the other hand wanted something more like this...