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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christmas is coming......

Okay, so there's like 82ish days until the holiday arrives, but that's not a lot of time when you've decided to get crafty!
So I've been feverishly buy up fabric and supplies to get my projects going, and am proud to say that while watching the tube last night I sat and cut out some pieces that should get sewn today! IF I can be a good little crafter and get them done, it's 4 projects off my list. Yay me, it's a start.

In other funnies....
Go here to read about stupid laws on the books in AZ, totally non-relative to any of our real lives, but funny all the same.

Then there was making dinner last night....
The boys like to get their little chairs and stand next to me while I cook, asking questions, sneaking in a stir here and there. We were making a boxed Macaroni Grill Pesto Pasta last night.
First we put the noodles to boil, Cody says "Mmmm, I like noodles!" Cool, maybe he'll eat dinner tonight.
Then we chunk the chicken and saute it in a little butter, "Mmmm, chicken" from the peanut gallery.
Then I add the milk and spices. "What's that?" he asks. "Yummy seasons," I say back. "Hmmm, it smells good!?!" he replies. Okay so we are still in track.
Then we add the cream sauce, "What's that?" he asks worriedly. "Cheese" I respond. "Hmm" he says back, not so sure. I'm not sure what it is either, just a creamy base.
Then we are to add the sun dried tomatoes. "What is that?" he says like a 13 yo girl.
"Italian, dried, chopped pepperoni," I lie back to him.
"Oh, I love pepperoni!" he says.
So yes, the shameless lies were applied to dinner last night in hope that they might actually try something new. They each had a bite and walked away. I'm guessing pesto sauce is not there thing, but Keith and I LOVE this new meal. So back to the drawing board for the boys.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sand in the Sand box, OV Sale day....

We had a very busy week, on top of all our preschool fun. Most of it was spent getting ready for the OV Community sale. So we cleaned the garage, filled the shed, and priced more stuff!

The boys were excited because we had sand left over from leveling the shed, meaning they finally have a legit sand box!

Mom told me to dig, so here is my digging pose...
Cody's favorite backyard swing...
Ty getting stuck in his swing....

The sale went well, some bigger items are now out of our possession as well as a few toys and books. Clothes were not the hot item, so I still have 2 1/2 bins that will be stored until the next JBF sale rolls around. There are 3 big boxes and a couple of random pieces that will head off to Goodwill this week as well. We were good though, only coming home with one new treasure.

Who could resist it for $3? The boys zeroed in on it as soon as they were out of the van!

So it was a success all in all, and Christmas is back on the calendar!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preschool with guidance....

Mon night we had our first parent's meeting for the new preschool year. Being a parent participation school, we help to plan the curriculum, getting to choose art and science projects, help plan field trips and other things for the class. It was a great meeting!

It's so nice to be in a class with a teacher that has a direction she is taking us, then won't let us get off the path. There were no 45 min, random tangents like last year, throwing the meeting into a tailspin. She kept it to about 2 hours, no dinner to fuss with, just meeting and learning about the year.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We had our 1st official sick day!

Yay, not even a month into school and we've already called in for a sick day. Seriously, can we just go a month without anyone puking, mouth hurting, or noses running?!?!

Poor Cody is miserable, can't breath, has been rubbing his face at night, so the rash is back. Then he's just out of energy, so he's moping around, getting in trouble for taking an hour to clean up the blocks in the toy room. Then he napped for 3 hours, agh!

Ty didn't sleep last night because he's stuffed up as well. So about every 45min - an hour he would cry and wake up for a few minutes before passing out again. So in turn, he's crabby today, has sat with me on the couch for most the day, until about 2:30 when he Finally past out and I could lay him down.

It's 4:00pm, I'm still in my PJ's, and ready for bed.

On a more fun note....
I've spent the last couple of days devoured in my crafty books, finding new projects for Christmas gifts and goodie bags, gifts for the kids and things I would love to make for our house. Now I just need to find someone to front my crafting addiction and life would be good! Maybe I should get a part time job at JoAnn's, bet the discount would come in handy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm just curious as to who is actually reading this thing!

So if you are stopping in to see what's up, leave a quick "Hi" on the comments of this post. Even if you don't know me, found this through an image search, aren't friends any more, my bestest buddy or my mom, let me know you're here!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is it fall yet?

We were out running errands this morning and I'll I could do was sweat. Back and forth to the car, sweating, in the stores, sweating, on the way home, sweating, you get the picture!

Then while I was relaxing on the couch, reading book #3 of the Twilight series (Awesome!), Ty came to me in only a diaper.

Me: Where are you clothes?
Him: I don't know?
Me: Did you take them off?
Him: YES!

Then he hands me a new shirt to put on him. Okay, I'll play.

He runs away and comes back with his new robot sweatshirt: "Dis too" he says
Me: You'll be hot.
Him: Dis too!

Okay, so we'll keep him inside. He runs away and comes back with pants "Dis too, mommy!"

Fine, so he's picked out a new outfit for the evening, totally proud of himself.
Then I realize how dang cute pants and sweatshirts can be on a 2yo, and I'm wishing for fall again!