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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Home Meet vs Auburn and Roseville

The boys had another good meet at home today. 
Everything ran smoothly, but I'm glad that we are finished with home meets for the season.  

Cody had a great day with improving his 50 freestyle and butterfly times and being within .03 of his backstroke.  He had a bit of a slip during the medley relay and DQ'd during his flip turn, which was a disappointment, but he was able to fix it for the individual backstroke.  
He's also decided on what he want's to swim for champs this year, so hopefully he can start to refine those strokes.  


Tyler had a good day as well, improving his freestyle and breaststroke times, but adding a bit back to his backstroke.  He was having a bit of a grumpy day at the pool, so it was I was surprised that he swam as well as he did.  His relay teams ruled the pool, coming in 1st place both times. 

We have the 4th off for the holiday and then our last dual meet on  7/11 at Cordova. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

1st Polo Scrimmage

Cody has been attending a summer water polo clinic with the California Republic club.  The program will run through mid July with three different sites.  We are going to the clinic at Vista HS in Folsom.  
Today was the first of three clinics they will host for the clinic kids to come together and do their best at putting a game together.  

They started off with warm ups and some drills before putting on team caps and playing for about 30 minutes.  

 He was good about being vocal and calling for the ball
 Swim Dribble

 He scored 3 goals by the end of the scrimmage

We may have found a new sport for Cody, so we'll have to see how the season work out with soccer and trying to do fall/winter swim. 

OV Parks Inflatable Fun

After the swim meet on Saturday, OV Parks brought in a water inflatable challenge for the afternoon open swim.  The boys had the chance to stay and test it out for a few runs.  
They had a blast!  


Poor Cody, it took him a few trys to finally get over the first red bump to make it to the end.

 Made it to the end!

Our summer wish list now includes a trip to Folsom Aquatic center to try their inflatables and then the ultimate obstacle water course at Wake Island.