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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Swim Meat vs Cordova Blue Marlins

Our first official swim meet today versus Cordova went really well.  Cody had a stellar day improving on all his times from time trials.  Tyler did his best, but was a bit off.

Ty was up first with a 100 yard freestyle relay.  He swam really well, but had some miscommunication about when to start and their team was disqualified.  

Cody started with 100 yard medley relay, swimming the butterfly.  His team was also disqualified due to a stroke issue with one of the kids.  Fortunately for him, all of the relay teams had some kind of issue and none of them received  times. 

Ty's 25 yard freestyle 44.68, 3.13 seconds faster than last week.

Cody's 25 yard freestyle 27.49, 4.14 seconds faster than last week.

Ty's 25 yard backstroke 49.72, 11.05 slower.  

Cody's 25 yard backstroke 27.58, 1.88 faster.

Cody's 25 yard butterfly 42.36, 11.88 faster!

Cody ended with the 100 yard freestyle relay, from what I could see, his team did great!
He was swimmer #1. 

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