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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boys View of Monterrey

iPod pictures are not the most fantastic things in the world, but they took some food shots.  

Monterrey in September

A big part of our fun this past weekend was a trip to Monterrey to go to the aquarium.  
It was a beautiful day!   We went to the aquarium around 10:15 and stayed until mid afternoon.  Around 1, we stopped for a break to eat lunch and rest a bit.  There is a newer pizza place next to the Nestle store that serves small pizzas, made to order in about 5 minutes.  It was great!  
After we were finished walking around we toured Cannary row, stopping for a bit of taffy and then heading back to our motel in Watsonville.  

Here's some of the pictures from our day, in the random order that they loaded.

Jelly fish
 The boys had their iPod in tow and took a lot of pictures.  I'm working at getting them off the iPod to share. 

 Observation deck views
 sea cucumber


 We started our day at the otter tank for feeding time. 

 Baby turtle
 Crab in the touch tank

 Kelp forest
 Nemo tank

 We were super bummed to find out that the sea horse exhibit is gone, so this one tank is all that is left.  Now they have a tentacle exhibit with squid, octopus and cuddle-fish


 Giant clam
 In the penguin bubble

 Under the waves

 Ray in the touch tank

 Little fish poking out of the coral


 Cuddle fish
 Really big and shy cuddle fish
 Giant turtle in the deep sea tank

 Black clown fish
 Leopard shark and a guitar fish in the sand

We are excited to head down again some time this year thanks to Virginia.  

Can't wait!