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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ty's Birthday in Pictures...

Yay for another Birthday survived! We had Grandma and Grandpa Douglas down from Idaho, Grandma and Grandpa Scollay and Uncle Eli over for dinner, presents and cake. One of Ty's favorites is breakfast for dinner, so we put together a variety of quiche so that everyone would have something they liked and paired it with pancakes and waffles. Such a hit!

We started off his Birthday theme being fish, but after a trip to Micheal's he saw the soccer set and had to have it, so we did that instead for his family party.

Getting ready for presents.

Digging in the bag for the card...

"That's the one we wanted!" Dino Hot Wheels track set.

Go Big Blue! Thanks to Uncle Tim and Aunt Danna

"Whoa! One of my own, so we don't fight over them any more!" New bouncing ball.

Hiding during the Birthday Song.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

The littlest one turns 3...

Happy Birthday to my littlest one! You've had quite a big year, going to preschool for the 1st time, learning to ride a two wheel bike (with training wheels), moving to a big bed, losing diapers and the binky, and still trying to keep up with big brother.
I'm looking forward to another fun year, especially with brother being in school giving us three whole mornings of just us!
Love ya little dude!

(Pictures to come soon...)

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Big K...

It's finally arrived, the first day of kindergarten! Cody has been so excited the last couple of weeks as we have been getting thing ready, for the last few days he has asked me repeatedly, "how many more days?"
Getting ready to head out the door.

Walking to school, we'll ride our bikes most days, but his bag was way to full for that today.

After saying a quick hello to his teacher, he was on the playground and making friends.

Off they go...

All the backpacks waiting to go home.

Getting his backpack before being released for the day, big smile.

Singing their good-bye song...
He had a great day and can't wait to go back tomorrow. He said he sat at his desk and they worked on letters and numbers, counting way past 10, sang songs, had snack and a time to play outside. He says he really likes his new big kid school.
We topped off the days events with a trip to Red Robin, plus soccer tonight as per usual on Mondays. Mom has a bit of paperwork homework to do for tomorrow, and his teacher said that they wouldn't start kids homework until after parents night in a couple of weeks. I also have a few patches to iron and sew on to his backpack as it's about the only one without a character or something on it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Summer weekend....

Oh summer, how we'll miss you.

We took advantage of the end of the summer and hit the town, and out of town, and some in between.
Thursday we went to one of splash parks in Folsom. It's become a staple of our summer and wish we had one closer to home.


Being my boys, they both found friends to play with and run around and before we knew it we'd been there almost 3 hours!

Friday, Keith had the day off so we packed up the car and headed down to Santa Cruz. It's a 3 hour drive, almost 4 with the 4 potty stops we made for Tyler, but we finally made it just after the rides opened.

Totally soaked after the big log ride.
After hitting up some rides we headed down for a walk and this is the look of the rides. Awesome, minus all the smoke in the air from the area fires.
On our walk down the coastline we came up on one of the local surf spots and stayed to watch for a while.

Sea lions out on the rock.

Then we headed back to the car and grabbed our beach gear so the boys could go play.

Ty found a girl his age to play with, they chased each other around for quite a while.

Cody found a boy his age as well.

The water is Cold, so they only played for maybe 30 min.

Lots of sail boats in the water to see.
We hit a local cafe for dinner, the boys had their favorite breakfast for dinner, so it was good. We left our house at 7:30am and were finally home around 10pm. Long and fun day!

Saturday evening we went to the annual Niello Dinner, although instead of the fancy dinner downtown, they did it family style at the zoo. We really enjoyed the mellow attitude of it.
The boys drawing on the doodle bug.

They each had two rides on the new carousel.

Then we took a short spin around part of the zoo on the train.
After a bbq dinner we did a scavenger hunt around the zoo, leaving Ty with black "tattoos" up and down his arms.

The boys had a treat getting to spend the night at Gma/pa's Sat night as Keith and I were maybe going to go the Indy race at Sonoma, but after such a busy weekend, we bowed out.
Instead, we went to a quite breakfast, hit up some Birthday shopping that needed to be done, then went to see Inglorious Bastards. So awesome! If you like Terantino movies at all, you'll love it, if you think you are going to a war movie and haven't seen any Terantino movies, stay away.

So there it is, busy weekend! Now getting ready for back to school on Monday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tyler's 3rd Birthday Party

What a day! We've been busy for the last few days, preparing the house and backyard, getting food and goodies ready all for a certain almost 3 year old. He's been excited, knowing it was coming and finally getting here today, seeing his friends, he was in heaven.

Fish and #3 cookies...

Jell-O Bars with fish floating in the middle...

Ready for the crowd...
We had an art table set up with wooden magnents to color and foam door hangers to decorate with stickers.

We set up a few areas with different water things and they had quite a good time.

Between water things, they would stop and snack on the Jell-O and goldfish, washing it down with the famous "Sizzly Lemonade."

Back out to play in the sprinkler...

Then it was time to blow out the candles and have some cookies.

We ended the party with the Nemo Pinata.

The breaking shot...


After everyone left, we made some quick sandwiches and shipped the boys off with Grandpa. My MIL took my SIL and me out to see Julie & Julia for a bit of a quite girls afternoon. It was fabulous and just what I needed to whined down after such a busy few days. The boys had lunch by the river and then got to splash around some more before heading back in for a nap.

Once we were all home from our outings, we opened presents.

Favorite for the day was his new Mac Truck, he's been wanting one of these!

His actual Birthday is in less than 2 weeks, so we'll do it all again with family, dinner, cake and presents.

Here's a video of the party.