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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy fun day...

We had morning swim practice, came home and did a bit of summer school, finished a sewing project, picked cherries at the neighbors house, went to open swim at the pool and ended our day at gymnastics.  Phew!
 I took a couple of opportunities to use the new camera.  I've spent a bit of time looking through the manual and at least found some of the auto scene settings.  I'm also going to spend some time looking for a class, this thing has so many settings that are way over my head! 

 Very happy with the zoom.  This was sitting across the pool and under the sun shade, almost 30 yards away.

 At gymnastics, I was using the sports setting so that I could have it on repeated shoot.  I'm not thrilled with the blured feet,, but the rest of the picture is in focus.  Some playing to do here and will test some things on Friday when we go again.
 Tyler's headstand buddy

 I took a few pictures continuously, although it's not the 5-8 per second shots.  
Cool to have it get things in sequence though.

Ty's class was nice and small tonight, giving him a good amount of attention from his coach.

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