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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cody turns 11

That's where we are, knocking on the teenage door and officially settled into the tweens. 
 Cody is nicely settling into that area.  He's funny and kind, likes to help out, still reads more books that I can keep up with, and is So very smart with engineering.  He also likes to test boundaries, pick at his brother and can be a bit sneaky.  
That being said, we're happy with the person he's becoming.  

Grandma and Grandpa Douglas came down for a visit.  Friday we had some fun in Old Folsom, having pizza for lunch and walking around the old powerhouse.

 Saturday we headed to Old Sacramento and the Train Museum.  It's been a while since we've been, so the boys had a good time seeing it all again.  Funny because we used to go about once a month when they were little and we had passes. 
Cody was finally allowed to open his presents from Boise.
 Happiness came in the tiniest of packages! 
A differential gear by LEGO.  
He was stoked! 
 It's not a birthday without at least one new piece of BSU gear! 
This cool tech tshirt from Uncle Tim & Aunt Danna was a huge hit. 
 Ty opening his just because gift.  
More LEGOs of course!  This was hilarious as he is now the proud owner of a porta potty and service truck. 
 Donuts from the good shop were requested on his Birthday. 
 Then a trip to Golfland to play video games and drive the go-karts.  
He spent a lot of time racing various vehicles of various forms (always his favorite) 

 Ty likes the motorcycle type racing games.

 Then he blew through his credits on ticket games.  
Landing on the 100 jackpot on the fishing game! 
 We played a few rounds on the 4 way battle Pac-Man game. 

 Then Cody showed off his skills hitting the 100 ticket jackpot as well. 
 After going off to racing some more cars he tried his luck again to win a few more tickets.  
The birthday luck was behind him as he landed on the 1000 ticket bonus! 
 After lunch at Habit (another good choice for the day) we relaxed at home with his choice of tv shows. 

Then he spent some time in his happy place, the water. 
 Whoo Hooo!  Finally able to work dives!
 After pickup up Ty from gym we headed out to pizza and a scoop of Baskin Robbins to cap off the evening.  
A few presents to open from Mom & Dad
 Motors for his LEGOs...
 and the big box of LEGOs he's been wanting.

We will celebrate a little more on Sunday with the Scollay side of the family to round out his Birthday week. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Garth and Trisha

I've never been one for concerts, I can't really tell you about any I've been to. (Seriously.)  
Virginia mentioned that it would be fun to go see Garth, as others in the family did 16 years ago and so we did.   It was a great show and a lot of fun.  My legs are tired from standing most the night, my ears are kinda ringing and my tired, but it was pretty awesome.  
Garth puts on a great show and you can't help but stand up, sing and dance.  

Huge thank you to Rich and Judy for taking us.