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Friday, July 24, 2015

Wake Island Water Park

For a fun, team building event, Tyler's gymnastics team took a trip out to Wake Island in Pleasant Grove.  Siblings were also invited, so Cody was able to get in on the fun.  
This place is way out there, but worth the drive.  
The main attraction for my guys was the inflatable obstacle course.  They go out in 45 minute sessions, which are closer to 35 by the time they get through the safety talk and into their life jackets.  This is probably the only complaint of the day, they wanted a bit more time.  
They had all kinds of things to run across, swing on, jump on and off of and climb on and around.  



After our time was over on the inflatable, they boys played in the water some more in the beach area. 

A lot of the boys also went over to try the wake boarding on the cable system.   
 It was a new adventure for most the boys, so not a lot of them made it much past the start, but they kept trying!  
Coach Dan used to compete in wake boarding and showed the guys how it should be done. 
 As we were watching the boys we also saw some of the catfish that live in the lake, even in the weird blue dye.  We are assuming it's a plant based dye.  

 Watching at the launch pad. 

We will have to go back again, everyone had a great time. 

State Fair Fun

We braved the heat this past Monday and headed to the fair.  We did our best to rotate between outside exhibits and the indoor exhibits to cool down.  
They had a lot of good hands on exhibits that the boys loved to check out.  
We each found a favorite food to eat for lunch and a cold treat followed later in the day.  
The rides were a bit too expensive this year, but it was so hot by that time of the day it wouldn't have been much fun.  

Hmmm, most days they can use this hashtag.
 Cockpit to explore

 Pizza, street tacos, nachos and a burger for lunch. 
 This ball maze was so interesting to watch.  It had the lightest sounds and such cool movement, we spent a lot of time watching it from all angles. 

 Robot arm with fingers that are individually controlled. 

 Stopped by the River City Quilt Guild to put together a nine patch block. 
 The guild will then take all the blocks and make them into blankets for kids in the hospitals. 
 Our favorite shaved iced!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Swim Awards

After our marathon day at Champs we came back to the pool Sunday night for the swim awards.
The team awards for all our swimmers.  
Tyler received his medal for the year. 
These three are missing their fourth amigo who is currently in Ireland, they all had such a great year. 
Cody's hard work and good attitude at practice paid off with the coach's award.  
Belly flop time! 


We cleared the pool and tossed in $100 of change for the kids to collect. 

They had watermelon relays and went through 3 Costco cakes, a good time by all!

It's nice to have a break for the buys season, but I miss our swim family so much during the rest of the year.   Love the families on this team so much. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 VFCAL Champs

We made it to Champs!  
A very long day for us, 14 hours at the pool, from the start of set up to then end of tear down.  

Tyler shined, placing 2nd or 3rd in all his races and both his relays.  
He shaved 2 seconds off his 50 freestyle time and qualified in all three events for Meet of Champs.  
Here are a couple of his races and photos from the day.

 Pep talk from Coach John

Cody also had a great day!  He finished 2nd overall in backstroke, 7th in the IM and tied for 8th in breaststroke, making it so he also qualified 3 for 3 to MOC.   His relay team finished 3rd in both their events to cap off the day.   Very proud of this group of 11 year old boys, doing so well all season amongst the 12 year olds.  1 year can make a big difference in swim and they held their own.  
Waving to the ladies.
 Spotted mom and the camera, with Patrick

Now we are in our final 2 weeks of practice before capping the season off at MOC.