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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


And the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Tyler's class took a field trip to a play house in Roseville to watch this story come to life. It was cute and fun, goofy actors not far from high school, so-so singing and okay acting. But they put a lot of heart into and the kids seamed to enjoy it.

In other news of the week...

Cody has an admirer at school. She Loves him. The way she says good buy in that long, drawn out way, looks over at him, and gives him pictures and cards she's drawn. Lord help me make it through the teen years with this boy!

Thanks to VW my new camera came this week as well. My poor Kodak camera was coming up on being 6 years old, a life full of much abuse and trips and falls. So a new Nikon point and shoot was in order. It's not the camera of my dreams, but hopefully it will do what we need it to and it's tiny! So I'm still trying to figure out all the settings to find which work best in different settings.

That's been our week, the good of the week.

Have I mentioned lately how much ALS sucks, if I haven't, it really does. As we close out the week, we'll be saying goodbye to my dear friends dad after his long, hard battle with this awful disease. So if you have the means, please send a donation to the ALS association in honor of Steve Hall. Much love Jen...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bouncy party...

** Check out my crafty for the week:

Last Saturday we were invited to a Birthday party for one of Cody's preschool friends at the bounce house place. These are some of the best parties we've been to, everyone always has a great time, and it produces an awesome nap!

Aww, That was Awesome!

Head first....

Little Tyler, Awwww!

Havin' a great time!
And yes, he has on two different socks, that's his current style.

Juice and super hero masks before snacks and cupcakes.

Yep, need to go and do some open play, especially with all this nasty weather we've been having.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh car seats, they keep our kids safe, and are such a pain in the rear! So here is a bit of a PSA for this week.

Online last night trying to figure out a better fitting booster seat for Cody in Keith's car. He's been riding in a Cosco booster for a while, but it's a bit wide for the seat and it's a little sideways, annoying more than anything. I think our problem will be solved, and a safer ride, by taking the back off and having it be just a backless booster.

My 1st PSA comes into play regarding lap belts. Now the van is great, 4 seats with shoulder/lap belts and 3 with just a lap belt, great! Every time we've had our big kid friends in the car, we've put them in the lap belt seats, In their boosters. I didn't know that this is a huge No-No. But now I'm educated and so will you be!
It makes since, the whole point of a booster is to get them high enough for the shoulder belt to cross their chest, and not their necks, so that they are safe. No shoulder, no need for a booster. It says that it can throw off the position of the lap belt, making it unsafe if they are in a booster with just the lap belt. So Now we know.

Cody will be happy because next time we're in Boise, he can just ride with Grandpa in the hot
rods, not extra seats required.

In the best of worlds, a harnessed seat is the best option, even for big kids. Luckily we have a large seat for Cody that he rides in every day in my car, it has a harness weight of 65 lbs and then it's a belt positioning booster until 100lbs. He could probably use this harnessed seat for the next 2-3 years, but he won't. Tyler is going to outgrow his seat in the next year, height, not weight. So we'll do the big shift, and Cody will be totally boostered after that, he'll be so happy.

Anyway, just wanting to make sure my friends are all well informed, because I obviously wasn't!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ummm, yeah....

So the blog is a bit neglected again. Sorry. We are just coming down from the holidays and settling back into the school routines. Life isn't very exciting right now, just normal.

Happenings over the last couple of weeks:

* apparently superheros ride scooters and eat lots of cheese.

*We've eaten a lot of fresh, fully homemade meals over the last couple of weeks, thanks to the Weight Watchers cookbook, that's been fun.

*Speaking of Weight Watchers, thanks to them, I'm down 7 lbs in the last 2 weeks, that and a lot of Wii and walking. Now to kick this stupid candy habit....

*Speaking of Wii, Wii is awesome. Love that little dude. Moving and working out should be fun, and it totally is.

*Can't find my crafty desk, the crafty has spilled over and exploded, hope to find it again soon.

*Cody is getting better at reading, almost have him to the point that he doesn't sigh and roll his eyes when he doesn't know a word, just stops and sounds it out.

*Tyler Loves his teachers at school, he told Ms. Suzanne this on Thursday, we were both near tears when she told me.

*There's a major ending that is probably coming soon, and I don't really know how to handle it, supporting my friend the best I can, but not sure if any of it will ever be enough.

*Most of my shows started this week, Yay for good TV again!

*Spaghetti squash is a good noodle substitute, as long as you don't mind a mild crunch.

*Tyler is going to the music class again starting in Feb, not sure who's more excited about this, him or me?

*Has several spots to rearrange in the house, but that also means needing to buy a few new shelves, hooks and shoe racks. Stupid money.

*Life is just puttering on, and on...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Something crafty....

is happening over there.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gifts from the boys...

It was brought to my attention that I had mentioned all these wonderful things the boy were doing for us for Christmas, then never said what they ended up being. Oops!

Both boys worked hard at school and with Gma & Gpa Scollay and great gifts, the were very proud of their accomplishments!
Tyler's class made plates , decorated by the kids. Very nice snowman!

Cody's class made a pillow case.

Over at Gma & Gpa Scollay's they put together, then added to food for bird feeders. We haven't put them out quite yet, wanting to wait until spring when the rain won't wash them away.

Friday, January 1, 2010

And a New Year Begins...

So here we are, the beginning of another year. Like a lot of people, this is a bit of a reset button and a ready-set-go button.

I'm really not going to set resolutions this year, things that tend to not get done. There are goals that are running around my head:
~full effort put forth for the 12 week Biggest Loser competition with my online mom friends
~then doing the next one, and the next one until this body is in the shape and size of healthy
~to find a doable, lifestyle, running routine
~run at least two 5k races, getting faster with each one, and end the year with a 10k
~put more effort into crafty things, not just in Nov/Dec
~love more, laugh more, stop being so angry
~play more

So maybe a bit resolution-ee but there you go.

Set forth and accomplish!