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Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, it's a start...

So here we go again, another year has past and it's time to start new. We had a great Christmas, pulled it out from somewhere and now it's back to reality. Usually, I don't make official resolutions at New Years. I'm not really sure that's what I'm doing now, but it's a natural time to start again.

So quit rambling and get to it you say! I'm re-committing to my weight loss goals. I hate my body, hate how I feel most days, need more energy, and want to look smokin' hot in a pair of jeans. I've been bustin' my ass at the gym for the last year, I've managed to drop 40+ pounds, gaining back a few during Dec. But my motivation has lacked since the end of summer, so I've plateaued!

The plan: from Shape magazine. It will suck and I will love it! I'm committed to reloading my MP3 to make it bearable!

I have a new notebook that I plan to print out my workouts and food plan, as well as my schedule so I can stay on track and have a quick reference.

As far as food, I plan on cutting portions down drastically, cutting out candy and "real" soda, limiting myself to 1 diet soda a day, drinking more water, and cut back on mindless snacking.

For a while I plan on posting my food and exercise diary daily so I can keep track. Once a week I will post my weight, Weds. And the 1st Wed of the month I'll post measurements.

Most of this is for me, an easy way to keep a written record of my progress. But I'll also be posting about my life in general, who could resist this circus!