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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Soccer Season Wrap Up....

This weekend marked the end of the fall soccer season.  The end is met with mixed emotions; I'm glad for the break, Tyler's happy to be done, whereas Cody is bummed it's over. 

Cody's team had a rough season, finishing the year with a 2 win, 8 loss record.  He did show improvement over the season with his ability to think about the game and what was going on in the sweeper position.  He's starting to dabble in the idea of using his left foot and hopes to improve his dribbling skills so that he can play different positions next season.  
His team's party was held at the Party Place in Roseville.  This is a nice place to go when you have a big group and mixed ages.  They have video games, air hockey, bounce castles and a small climbing thing.  Cody played video games the whole night, exactly what I expected he would do.  

 We brought dessert, a crap ton of soccer ball cupcakes!
 Cody and Coach Merritt
Hopefully we can find him an indoor team to start playing again in January. 

Tyler's team had a great season with a 5-5 record.  The group really jelled together nicely and the boys were a lot of fun.  From the sounds of it, most of them plan on playing again next season.  

Tyler's final game was wet and muddy.  
 One of our guys tripped and slid Super Man style, this was the result.  He came up with a huge smile on his face!
 You can really see how much the rain was falling in this picture

 For Ty's party we headed over to Sky High Sports for some trampoline fun.  
Pinterest is a fun place and I found a cute felt shirt ornament that inspired these for the boys on the team.
 Packaged with some Pop Rocks...

I'm proud of Tyler for sticking out the season with a good attitude.  He has been saying since September that he didn't want to play next year, but he finished the season out.  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

11/3 Soccer Saturday


 We had a bit of a wait between the two games, not really enough time to go home, so we camped out at the playground.  We were really close to the Air Force Base so we saw a few planes going by, including this big one. 

 We played a round of Uno after eating our lunch.


Halloween Fun

Halloween started with our fun party on Sunday.
On Tuesday, Tyler went to gymnastics as Mario for dress-up week.  

 One benefit of having Mario in the gym was being able to find him in the big group of boys!  

On Halloween night we headed up the hill to Jen's house in Cameron Park.  Their neighborhood is very family friendly, with lots of kids and families out for fun, and easy to avoid scary houses.  
(We had issues last year that have stuck with the boys) 
In front of Jen's

 We loved their pumpkins, one for everyone in the house. 

 2/3 of the Momtourage crew were present, quite the bunch!

 Cody's costume had quite a few compliments.  He's a bit shy, so that much attention directed at him was a bit much for him by the end of the night. 

The boys headed off with the Dads for trick or treating.  They had a great time with their friends and came home with a good haul of candies!