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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family Trip Day 1

A few months ago we started planning another vacation with Keith's family.  We are all a bunch of beach combers, so hitting the coast sounded good and then a KOA campground popped up right between Monterrey and Santa Cruz.  Perfect! We were bound for Watsonville! With sister-in-law being pregnant that opened the door to us getting two cabins so that we weren't sleeping on the ground.  The KOA was awesome.  So many activities and things for the boys to do, low traffic so they could ride their bikes all around and they made new friends most every day. 
Our home away from home....

 Rich and Judy were just across the road....
 It was fun to see some of the yard art the longer term campers put out.

 The camp organized a game of ultimate Frisbee that evening. 

It was colder than we had expected, but other than that, great!  

More picture heavy posts to come. 

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