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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Star ECO Station

Last week we had a field trip to Star ECO Station in Roseville.  It is a very fun place to learn a bit about the environment and see different  types of birds and reptiles.  They are also a rescue for animals that people have surrendered that are exotic or illegal.  Our guides were very knowledgeable on all the animals that live there and showed us around. 
We started our tour in the front room getting to see and touch a few of the animals that live there. 

 Next we moved back to the first room where the reptiles live.
They had two big pythons, this one hadn't eaten yet and was very active.

 Then we went to the first of bird rooms, the "quieter" of the two.
 A lot of these birds would talk as well as move around to different commands.

 The second room was full of bigger, louder birds. 
Beautiful Macaws

 Next was the small aquarium room.
 A stuffed puffer fish they had to show.
 We ended back in front room and watched as they fed some of the box turtles worms.  
The boys really liked this part.

They do a lot of special events throughout the year, I would encourage everyone to check it out!