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Sunday, April 17, 2016

AR Polo Clinic

Cody has been going to a water polo clinic for the last couple of months through American River Water Polo.  He has learned a few more things and had a couple of opportunities to play in games to get a feel for the game.  Today was the last set of games.  


 And scores! 

We are still not sure if this will be his new sport, but he wants to do the next clinic in June-July. 

Jamestown Railtown 1897

Grandma and Grandpa Douglas came for a visit and to celebrate Cody's Birthday.  

Saturday we took a drive to Jamestown to take a ride on the steam engine at Railtown 1897.  It was a great day with good roads and pretty scenery.  

Before the ride we were able to go through a rebuilt caboose 

 Lots of different wildflowers along the way

 Water tower from Petty-coat Junction
 Working roundhouse with other trains they are refurbishing

 Lots of poppies in bloom
 Back of the round house

 Lots of cool old rail vehicles

After we were home and had dinner, Cody was able to open more presents.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Camping in Fort Bragg

Escaping from the city in the spring was a great distraction from life.  
We spent the weekend at Van Damme Campground just south of Fort Bragg.  There were campfires, meals outside, sleeping in tents, mosquito bites, lots of beach time, walks and relaxing.  
It was supposed to rain, but the storm never came and left us with mild temperatures all weekend.  
So Lucky.  
Here is our trip in pictures, lots of pictures of the ocean because, well, the ocean!  

 The boys did a great job helping with the tents.  

 We are going to have to figure out how to fix our tents for the next trip as the pole eyelet holders around the bottoms are starting to fray off.  We lost three on this trip.  Luckily Keith was able to rig up some zip ties to hold everything together. 
 We bought firewood from the camp host for the first night.  Unfortunately it wasn't seasoned at all and very wet so the fire never took off as it should have for light and warmth. 
 Nonetheless, there was fire during dinner. 

 A new meal for camping was grilled french bread pizzas. Easy and a major hit! 
 Saturday we went north of Fort Bragg to MacKerricher State Park

 There is a great path to walk along and see the ocean.  There is also a lot of small paths that break towards the cliffs for more exploring. 

 Native flowers! 

 Light keepers cottages that are available to stay overnight.
 Glass Beach area

 While out exploring we stopped in town and picked up dry wood bundles that work out so much better!  We had heat and flames that were great for roasting and cooking some dinner on the coals. 
 After dinner we went over to Van Damme beach for a bit

 After packing up camp in the morning we headed over to the Russian Gulch area. 

 Searching for wood to build stuff

 What they wanted to build

 After some building and falling down of structures it was time to walk and skip rocks.