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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Update

I know you've been dying for an update on our garden!  Or not, but here it is anyway.  
 All three sprouts are doing really well!
 Red leaf lettuce is coming back after not starting out so well.  So this is the second planting.
 Sunflowers growing taller each day

 The snails ate our honey dew, so after re-planting it's sprouting nicely.  Hopefully it will get a chance to get bigger and survive this time. 
 Watermelon coming back as well, slower sprouting, but it's there.
 The cucumber in front is going crazy and the spaghetti squash in the back is looking healthy as well. 
 Yay, a cucumber starting to grow!
 Such a pretty plant.
 Now something has moved in on my green leaf lettuce, so it's not looking so hot. 
 Corn still working it's way upward. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last day of school!

Okay, so we have a whole plan for summer learning, but we are officially done today with Kindergarten and 2nd grade!  I'm excited to work on a few things over the summer as well as letting the boys decide on some of the history and science things they would like to learn about.
Cody's photos
Tyler's photos

It will be nice to not have to log in every day and worry about keeping our attendance on track, a much needed break for all of us. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Go, Dog, Go!

Today we headed over to Woodland to the Opera House to see the play Go, Dog, Go!  They did a great job bringing the book to life an the kids really loved the show.  The Opera House was a beautiful place and we will be adding it to our  places to go.  Even with and hours drive, it was a fun outing.

 This was located in old town Woodland, very beautiful.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pow Wow Days fun

This was great and long day for Pow Wow Days this year.  
We started the day bright and early with the parade and marching with the swim team.
The parade started fairly close to the house, it was easiest to walk over.  
 Along the way we saw one of the band warming up...
 The Shriners getting their carts out and ready...
 The Wells Fargo horses...
 Some llamas....
 The hot rods....
 This cool little buggy...
 Then we finally found our friends.

 After way too much confusion, we finally found our float...
 Lined up, candy in hand
 Finally it was our turn to move along the route. 
 The boys had fun handing out their candy stash.

 After a short break and some lunch we headed over to the carnvial.

Unfortunately for Cody, he spent the day like this. 
 Really hoping that this will make an impact that we are serious about the rules.

There were games to play though, so he did get to do a couple of things. 

Yay for Pow Wow Days!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Garden Update

Still growing!  
The melon plants and red lettuce have taken a hit from the snails, but we put down some blocker and replanted with hopes of bringing them back.  I'm calling the strawberries a loss and need to figure out a new game plan there as well.  
 A nice little late bloomer in the back, hopefully this will yield us at least 3 pumpkins for fall!
 Sunflowers are going nuts! 

 Ty's cucumbers are getting taller and the spaghetti squash has spread out some more. 
Green lettuce

Hopefully we'll have some new sprouts to show off next week.