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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


We had another great Christmas!
A few things were checked off all of our want lists, truly grateful for all we were given.  

The boys were eager to get to bed so that Santa could come. 
Making hot chocolate and setting out cookies.....

 "So you want us to stare at the tree? Your funny Mom." 
 Cody made us all clay ornaments, the packaging was very cool.  
 Hinge top boxes...
 Tyler made a clay trailer for Keith (your guess is as good as our as to why he made a trailer) and topped it with a LEGO bow. 
 Santa came! 
 Cookies eaten, chocolate enjoyed and a quick note. 
 Being elves, handing out the gifts before they can open things.
 Time for stockings!  
Goldfish crackers, candies, gloves, Pokemon cards, Mad Libs, chap stick and new electric tooth brushes.
 Cody stacks and admires, where Ty is a dump and short.
 Finally time for presents! 

 Grandma sent lots more Pokemon, they were stoked!
 Remote helicopters were also on top of the favorite list.
 Model kits from Uncle Tim & Aunt Danna

 Cody was a great sport all day.  He didn't get what he really wanted, but was happy to have what he did.  Mom is going to be filling in those missing links in the next month. 
 Tyler seeing his quilt. 
 Cody liked his fuzzy blanket. 

 Charging, waiting to play....
 Part of Ty's pile....
 Cody's pile....
 Tyler really wanted a LEGO train set, but it was more than Santa's budget could handle.  
After some searching, a set was pieced together.
He now has the track, a motor with train wheels, battery pack, remote control and wireless transmitter.  We are going to search the internet for locomotive instructions. 
 Cody did get a pretty cool Technic Set that he promptly built. 
 Trying to fly....
 Cody figured out his helicopter by the end of the day. 
 One of Ty's favorite's was the puzzle ball. 
 Building his hockey table.

After a nice morning at home with breakfast, we headed over to Rich and Judy's for the afternoon.  

Showing Uncle Stu their new helicopters. 

Time for more presents!

Thanks to everyone for helping make this another special year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Fun.....

Baking is finished, projects are done and the presents are all waiting under the tree, it must be Christmas Eve!  
We did our best to fit in some fun for the day.  

The Sacramento Zoo had their free day today, so we arrived about 30 minutes early (thank goodness!) and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

Fairytale Town was also free, so we walked around for a quick trip.  

 The must do shot at Fairytale town
ages 9 & 7
ages 5 & 2.5
ages almost 3 & 6 months

Freddy, our Elf, left graham cracker house supplies, so this was the perfect day to make them. 

Tyler's Campsite 
 Freddy approved

A couple of Christmas shows to watch tonight and then Santa will come!
Can't wait for Christmas!