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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Swim Time Trials

Swim meet season has officially begun! 
Today the boys had their time trials to set times for the season.  
I was happy that the meet ran fairly smoothly once we were able to get the new timing watches set to the computer.  We had to end by noon because of a pool event and we were right there, getting through all the events planned for the day. 

Cody had a good day, swimming 50 yards in all his short races this season.  
He was happy with most of swims, but not thrilled with his butterfly.  
Overall, he looked good in the water and can hopefully quicken his stroke rate over the season to improve his times. He picked up 1 time standard bead for his necklace.
His goals for the season are good ones that we think he can obtain with continued hard work.  He's on the younger end of his age group this season, but that didn't prove to be an issue today.
(The boys collect beads throughout the season for going to certain team events, improving their times and for hitting time standards set by the coaches.  The time standards are based on top 10 times for the previous year's champs meet)

Here's his video for the day.

Tyler rocked the pool today, posting the top time in all 4 events and collecting his time standard bead for each of those events.  We didn't do any long events, so he still has one more to work for, the 50 yard freestyle.  After a bit of a rocky gym season, not really seeing many medals, I'm hoping this boosts his confidence with a good swim year.  It helps that he's one of the oldest in his age group.  

 So serious....

Here is Ty's video for the day. 

We have a bye next weekend and then our first dual meet on the 13th up in Placerville.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The One With All the Flowers....

While the boys were working with Uncle Stu, my first stop was to Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden Center in Palo Alto.  I took a bunch of pictures and will hopefully be able to print and hang them in our house.  I would love to have beds of flowers outside as well, but my thumbs have not been very green the last few years.