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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yay, rooms are being finished!

Today was spent at home most the day, packing up the shed and moving it to the garage, doing some other odds and ends.
Then after naps we headed over to the house. Cleaning was my task today, so I vacuumed and scrubbed both bathrooms, then installed the last of the hardware.
Tomorrow we'll finished nailing in the baseboards, only the hallway is left. Then install the new blinds, the rest of our order should arrive in the morning.

Toy Room finished, minus blind...

Boys' room finished, minus blind...

Dining area...
Master bath, with new chocolate rug, minus doors...
Master sink, new hand towels and rug
Boys' bath with new towels...
My most favorite thing to date:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

(Insert witty title here)

My brain is overloaded with details, so here's a quick review of the last couple of days.

FIL & I finished the living room floor Tues night
Front closet:
Master entry:
New work station for the office, looked bigger at the store! Shelves are the answer.
The Vanagon is my bestest friend this week, taking loads over every day
Closet system in the boy's room, they're even level!
Living room with molding fitted in

Stay tuned for future developments.

Monday, July 28, 2008

AHHHH the Sickies!!!

So Sonoma was a lot of fun, good races and a nice break.

Back on the ranch, Ty was still dealing with the sickies. He spent most of Sun being blah, then threw up again around 7:30. The doc said that he's just holding onto the bug because his immune system is newer than the rest of ours. Not fun! Especially have to deal with the 3-ring circus of Kaiser all day.

So another day lost on the house, at least for me. FIL was working on a few things, so it's still in progress. Tomorrow we will start again.

I'm also starting to move things over to the house, a van full at time. Today's load was the new kitchen table set (like this), desk and wire cube things that are for storage.
Tomorrow I'm taking most of my craft stuff, gift wrapping stuff, and a few odds and ends. Yep, it really is enough to fill the van, I got a lot of crap!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Someone call me when it's done....

We've had a very eventful week, getting lots of stuff done, then coming to a complete stand still by Thur. We got sick, 5 of the 6 of us, MIL being the one and only spared. So this weekends been a bit of a loss, but we will still be moving next weekend. IT WILL HAPPEN!

Thur night I went over and put the borders up in the boys' rooms.

The toy room looked awesome, but I new it wouldn't last. As soon as I started to peel the backing off it was a mess, only part of the sticky was staying on the border. So when I put it up it was holding with the main exception of this corner that I figured I could fix with something from my scrapbooking supply.
But alas, the first two walls came tumbling down by morning, MIL taped it to the window so the carpet guy could come in. Next up will be experimenting with spray adhesive!
The best part of the end of the week, carpet:

It's getting closer. We have some things to work out with the wood floors, determined to be done with these by about Tues. Then the base boards can go in. These are the majors for the week, we have a few other minors, like finishing the touch up paint in the master bath, front bath and along the kitchen/garage door.

Keith and I are off to Sonoma early Sun am for the NHRA nationals, a much needed break from reality.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The paint is on the walls...

We are done rolling paint on the walls! YAY!!!

The master bath is painted...
I still have to hit the door trim, and touch the ceiling where the roller hit, but that's the easy stuff.
Still to paint is the doors and maybe the baseboards, depends on what we buy.

Yesterday also marked the start of laying floors. We didn't start putting it down until about 3:30, but this is what we did:

It's goes together well, just took a lot of time in a small area because we would lay a board, then have to measure and cut the next. Today we'll work our way down the all.
Carpet is coming on Fri!

I also finished putting the rest of the kitchen cabinets together. Everything that can be is done, our tall door is damaged and has to go back, we are waiting on our sink before we get to busy on that cabinet, and the corner cabinets need a counter top to mount the lazy susan on. But it will go fast once we are there.

In other news, rest up people, we're movin' in next weekend! It sucks that we are moving in Aug, although it's only the 2nd-3rd, but still it's happening!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Damn, that's big!

So things are moving along at record pace, at least for out little project....

The fan in the living room, up and functioning...
Master bath is primed and the ceiling is done....
Borders are laid out in both rooms...
(Although after laying out all day, the look just as they did when I first put them out in the morning.)

Kitchen: Drawers, shelves and doors going on...

Start to the Lazy Susan, we have to have a counter top to mount it right.
Panel along the fridge is cut, shimmed and bolted in place...
Island is in place, all the cabinets are officially hung and mounted.
This is a huge kitchen compaired to anything I've every had, awesome!
Drawers in big island cabinet.

Wish us luck, we are going to start the floors tomorrow!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Adding to the rainbow...

Quick update:
Friday was spent painting the living room and entry way.
The first two coats of red paint ended up like this, lots of streaks:

But, the third coat was the cure.

The guys spent Fri night working on the kitchen, microwave and oven are in and working:
Fridge is in place and a good portion of the bottom cabinets.
The paint list is really short, YAY!
~Trim paint around the front door, coat closet and back sliding door.
~Re-touch wall color around the trim.
~One more coat on the outside of the linen closet.
~Doors: both bathrooms, office, master, and boys' room.
~Master bathroom: everything.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pretty in Pink....

So a quick recap of our week so far:

The boys went over Mon night and hung the top cabinets. All the space issues work themselves out when the realized they were mixing up two cabinets. Yay!

Anyone have a good step stool recommendation?

I'll be lucky to reach the back of the bottom shelf!

The primer is all up in the living room and entry way, including the bubble gum pink base for the red! It looks like a princess party exploded in there.

The hallway is almost done, just waiting on one more coat of trim paint around the doors.

Gonna be a busy weekend! But the end is so close.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have a song stuck in my head, but it won't work for this title...

Friday morning we discovered this:

Someone from some agency was nice enough to put a sign up so people would hit it. It's the second big limb to fall since we've been around.
See, big spot!

Then there are the big ass rocks in the yard, and a lot of the other yards in the neighborhood. Our rocks were hiding another stump:

Sunday, FIL attached a big rope to the rocks and to his van and drug them off of the stump so it could be ground down.

So today, the people from the tree place came and cut down the tree with falling limbs and ground down the two stumps. Nice! Now we just have to find grass that will grow all around so it's not such a barron mess.

In other news, the cabinets are starting to go up in the kitchen. This was FIL's progress for Monday, Keith was going back tonight to help finish the top cabinets.

We also discovered Sun that one of the cabinets we bought is too wide, covering the window on one side by about 1/2-3/4 of an inch. It's frustrating, especially because we had someone from Ikea come and measure out our floor plan to make sure it would work. We all missed it.

Look, the mirror is gone and the walls are primed! Yay, now I await the texture fairy.
This took me 45 min to tape up. Friggn' plastic was too heavy for the tape, it was big and awkward and everyone else was doing other things. But, damn it! No paint on the fire place!
Hallway awaiting it's final coat of paint:
Front bath is almost done, pretty new towel holder:
New towel bar:
And spit shined toilet re-installed:
Yep, we're over the hill and slowly creeping down. Are we there yet?
In non house related things:
Cody, Ty and I went to a birthday party on Sat evening for his buddy Lucas that we met through the gym. This is so hard for me because I didn't know anyone but the host family, but it was fun. They have some great friends that were easy and nice to talk to. Maybe even pulled someone over to the dark side of F.O. Preschool!