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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The holiday season came up fast, but we were ready and excited for its arrival. 

Our card wreaths are full of love from the friends and family. 

With the presents shopped for, finished, wrapped and under the tree, we found other things to distract us.  Some sugar cookies to share with friends, family, and Santa. 
Cookie count before heading to bed, making sure they are mostly there in the morning. 
 Tyler decorated a lot of the cookies himself, starting to figure out the piping bag.  
 Cody came home from an adventure with dad to decorate one snowman. 

Before we knew it, Christmas Eve was here. 
Cody was introduced to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and had a lot of laughs.  After we watched Ty's choice, The Polar Express. 
Then it was off to bed to try and sleep through the excitement. 

Obligatory tree picture. 
 11-year-olds rarely give you a good smile, but the 13-year-old has it figured out! 
 Stockings were filled and presents left by the jolly fat man. 

 Enjoying that Christmas glow. 

 A yule log on the TV with some music for Christmas morning. 
 Once Keith was up and we hit the 7:40 mark he was promised, we dove into stockings. 

 Hanging them back so they aren't lost in the paper piles. 
 Santa brought Legos for Ty, a big hit. 

 Cody received a funny car model and the late 70's funny car body that is just like our friend Mike's.  He was so excited.  

 We kept the Scollay family tradition of finding a gift for everyone to open to start the family gifts. 
The boys opening their new pizza kit from Aunt Danna and Uncle Tim.  
 Keith received oven mitts from Tyler that he made with Grandma Scollay's help.  
 Passing out the rest of the presents. 
 Photo stop! 
 Nano Blocks, camera tripod, Hobby Store gift card, clothes, and new books for Cody. 
 New shoes, clothes, legos and books for Tyler
 "I Really wanted this one!"

 Tyler also got a phone of his own, complete with rainbow zebra case. 
 It's not Christmas without some new Boise State gear!  Mom also received a new decal for the car and a license plate holder. (So glad because we lost our car magnet at some point a few months back.)
 Enjoying their Christmas goodies. 

  After a mellow day at home, we made two types of potatoes and headed to the Scollay family Christmas. 

Once everyone arrived, we started with the annual opening of the P&G box.  
Tyler was the presenter of the items.  A quick pick of numbers and a very civilized picking of the items in round-robin form. 
 The kiddos were all very patient as they waited for the adults to finish their fun before opening presents. 
 Passing around the gifts again. 

 Happy guy with new paints for his models (are you seeing the theme here?)
 Virginia and Annabel in their new matching aprons. 
 Judy made pillowcases out of bacon fabric for the bacon-loving bunch (Tyler included at the edge). 
 The boys opening their new MP3 players
 We are now in the presence of a unicorn! 
 He's talked about this all fall, wanting a cozy, unicorn onesie.  
Aunt Virginia and crew came through with a win! 
 My new giant suitcase. 
 Giant as in Tyler sized.  
(I returned this one for the next size down that's a little more manageable, but still bigger than a carry-on. It's not as pretty as this one, but still has purple and blues that I can pick out of a crowd) 
 Before and after presents and dinner we played the Exploding Kittens card game, so much fun and funny! 
Tyler had to wear the cone of shame because he had to ask whose turn it was.  Later in the same game, it was passed to Aune Florence. 

 We had wonderful food and a wonderful day, as it should be.  
The plan right now is to figure out how to make it to Boise for next Christmas. 

Here's a few more gifts and fun.

Cody made this pin cushion for me with Grandma Scollay's help. It's filled with almond shells that help sharpen the pins each time they go in. 
 Awesome job! 

Cody's funny car body he really wanted. 

Tyler received tape that is made to stick up and LEGO's attached to it.  A new home for minifigs along his bed rail. 
 Unicorn in his natural habitat. (This is an almost clean room for him!)
 LEGO dragster, truck, and trailer. 
 My new office chair, so comfy and adjustable! 
Only 30 minutes to build, not too shabby for IKEA. 

I didn't make much this year. 
Hair bows for Annabel. 
 Napkins and napkin rings for Judy.