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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy...

No pictures today, camera battery was being charged.

We started painting the toy room today, sunny yellow on top and in the closet.
Finished the ceiling in the dining room and second coat in the kitchen.
Textured the front bath in a few spots.

Oh, and whoever left the 13 year old girl at my house in place of a husband can have her back. She's being an ass and I'm tired of it. Take her away please!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Weekend Update....

We were hit and miss this weekend on the house. Dad and I woke up early Sun to go over to the house for a bit, but realized we didn't have enough ceiling paint to do a whole lot. But none the the less, some paint was put up.

1st coat on the bottom of the boys room. It's looking more awesome by the day! Can't wait to get the border up.

The front bath is primed, now there is a little texture to do, and we can prime/paint. This is my OMG green room, so I may get to paint this one solo!
Other house news includes the fan on the A/C taking a crapper, so FIL is working on that right now. When we worked Sun, we left about 11 and it was only 73 in the house, so can't complain much there. Hopefully it will get fixed soon because I'm sure our cool temps are not going to last.
At the old house, new things are coming about as well. Dad got tired of watching our TV, it blew a tube over a year ago and is super dark on a lot of channels, so we searched through Craigs and found a new one. Pretty and silver! It was about 2 inches too wide for our old entertainment center, so we put together a make-shift set up for now. I have my eye on a stand from Ikea, but probably won't get it until tax time next year.

Then my mom was nice enough to let me use her bread machine for a while. So I finally got the courage and time to try it out this afternoon. I was freaking out a bit because the kneed and rise cycles were taking so long, didn't have the book yet (Found it online after I started), but then it finally turned onto bake mode and we're in business.

Hmmm, Potato break in progress!

So I'll let you know how it goes. Jen gave me a huge bread machine book and marked some of her favorites, so this was an easy one to try out.

Oh, yeah, and just so you know.....
Paint went on sale this weekend at Home Depot. In case you need some....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still blue.....

My dad thinks I'm a little nuts, that or the mailman is my real father. He's having a hard time understanding how I came up with the paint scheme for our new house. You know, all 11 colors and all. But he's tolerating and painting away.

Today we put the second, and probably, last coat of paint on the master walls.

Textured the toy room....

Put the first coat of paint on in the boys' room....

FIL was there when we left, putting on the texture in the kitchen, he ran out and spent a good hour and half finding more. Should be ready to prime tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Blue....

bah da dee da bah daaa, ba da dee da da daaaa.....

Tues we washed walls in the kitchen and toy room, then primed the toy room. No more writing on the walls! YAY, it's hidden!

Today brought priming the kitchen....

and dining area.....

Then painting the first coat of blue in the master.

Progress, lots of progress!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Progress report for Sun & Mon....

Sunday we painted the closet and one wall in the office....
Finished the blue primer in the master....
Don't know why there are spots, not really spots on the walls...
And patched the foot/kick hole in the bathroom.
Monday brought painting the closet in the boys' room....
Finishing the office paint...
and painting the one wall, entrance and closet of the master bedroom.

More painting to come this week and hopefully the guys will start assembling cabinets for the kitchen this weekend. We also picked up our linoleum for the kitchen last week, so it's patiently waiting in a nice roll on the living room floor. Sunday also brought another trip to Home depot to pick up the rest of the paint, a glorious day for sure!

Almost a day off....

Sunday we took the morning off to go to the fish hatchery. The boys could stay there for hours if we would let them, the love it!

Millions of little fishes.

The feeding truck, first time we've seen it.


As the truck would round the corners, it would drop the feed onto the ground. Someone handed us a cup and the boys were able to feed the fish. They were thrilled!
The fish would go nuts, then the boys would go nuts, nutty time by all!

Of course we worked on the house a bit after we dropped them off, because we just can't stay away!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ahh, so cute!

Okay here's the scrappy/crafty part of me coming out!

I was blog-surfing and found this page to customize your blog background.
Love it!

Go forth and customize!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Gone be stiff in the morning!

Okay, so I'll be okay, but Dad probably won't be able to move.

Today's work to check of the list:
~1st coat of paint on the office, master, and boys' room ceilings.
~Re-primered over areas that were texturized.

Dad did all the rolling of the ceiling paint, spent most the day looking up. Ugh, only one more coat and we can start on some wall paint!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

High Ho, High Ho.....

A couple more productive days at the house. Primer is going up left and right, texture is going on, and walls are being patched.

Boys room, primered and bottom half textured; paint is next!

Primer and texture along the top border in the office; paint is next here, too.

Master bedroom primer finished on the light colored walls, next will be the blue tinted primer for the 2 1/2 walls that will be dark blue.

Wall board almost finished in the front bath, moldy nastiness gone.

Then there are the wonderful surprises we find like this little beauty. How do you get a hole right there? FIL was doing some patching around the tub and found this hole, simply covered with paper. Nice....

Tomorrow we will start painting ceilings, then move onto paint the office. Don't thing FIL was ready to move this fast, but he's not complaining either! I see another trip to the Home Depot in my near future.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A popsicle, a plastic pool, and some new fishes is all it takes at our house for a good time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Primer on the walls!!!!!!

My dad got into town on Sun to help us work on the house for a bit.

We had a fantastically productive day! Rollers were out, cans were opened and primer was applied to the walls!

The pink room is a lot less pink, not all the way gone because we ran out of stuff, but that's okay, we remedied that.

Progress report for the day:

The most wonderful part of the day was our trip to Home Depot:

Our bountiful trip produced 7 gallons of primer, 1 gallon of pink primer for the living room, 1 gallon of baby blue primer for the master bedroom, 5 galllons of ceiling paint, 2 gallons of dark blue for the master, 1 gallon on of lighter blue for the sink area in the master, and 3 gallons of sandy color for the office, master bedroom and the bottom half of the boys' room.

I almost had to pinch myself because I wasn't sure it was true!

Very productive day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Gifts made for my dad and FIL.

I'm very tired today, can you tell?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Progress Pictures

We went to do our weekly shopping tonight, so I remembered the camera and we stopped by.

Patched kitchen w/finished putty.
Banister poles removed (this happened a couple of weeks ago).
Fist hole fixed and new corner metal in place and puttied.
Scuff sanded wall paper, hopefully ready for primer.

Talked to FIL tonight and he bought primer. Yeah, don't faint like I almost did. I think I'm going to start priming things tomorrow. HOORAY!

Progress, people we have progress!

The blogs been a little slow this week on the housing front, due to lack of a sitter. But my FIL has been bustin his ass all week!

I also was lame and left my camera on the counter this am, so pics to come tomorrow.

The mirror-glue marks, fist hole and closet corner trim were repaired in the toy room.
Border scuff sanded (so the primer has something to stick to) in the office.
Master bedroom has been spackled and sanded, waiting patiently for primer & paint.
The dry wall has been cut and new green board in place in the kitchen.
Kitchen walls have been scraped (lots off filler puddy/grout between walls and old cabinets) and spackled, including around the baseboards where the walls were tore up a bit from removing the baseboards.

Sat Keith and FIL will be renting an electric scraper to take out the old lino in the kitchen, we realized we are at the 3 layer limit, so if we were to ever redo again we would be screwed!
More sanding and patching things as well.

Yay, it's coming along!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting ready to move....

No, not moving day yet, but we're getting ready!

At the new house the boys will be sharing a room, so I thought it might be best to get them used to the idea now.
So I did some rearranging today around the house, moving Tyler into Cody's room, with his crib as the bottom bunk. Then moved the bottom bunk into the toy room, instant guest room! (Sorry Mom, the month before we leave it finally happens!)

Tyler was excited and stayed in his crib for about 30 min while I finished moving things around, checking out his new digs.

It was a day of getting it done, lots of laundry and such. Went through Ty's closet of clothes and sorted things a little better. Washed the bathroom mats and put away the surf set from the front bathroom as it's getting sold, doesn't match the new decor'. Boxed up some books and moved some boxes around the garage. Played with the front yard sprinklers, got entirely too wet, and they still don't work right. (Googleing Rain Bird later)

Yep productive. I need to be productive more often!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wild and Crazy night....

Okay, so that's a bit much.

Sat night was Keith's annual company dinner. We get all dolled up, head downtown, drink free for an hour, eat a nice meal, listen to a bunch of people yap, and gather with some good friends.

Last night was just as anticipated. The art of drink collecting was in full force. The group we run with are professional drunks. They attack their drinking like their life depended on it, a very serious endeavour.

There is an open bar for 1 hour before the dinner starts, unlimited open bar. So they start collecting two at a time, beer in each hand, placing one on the table as they drink the other. Then it's back in line again to continue the cycle. The goal is to have enough drinks to make it through dessert, and all the "entertainment" for the evening without buying any drinks. For most this would be about 3 drinks max, for this bunch it means at least a 12 pack, each.

It's quite the spectacle, and maybe next year we'll stay at the hotel so that I can partake. Yep another evening sober, whilst everyone around me is drunk. It's a hoot, seriously. I don't have the ill effects of the alcohol, but all the fun.

The dress was nice as well this year. Not too many ladies showing up looking like they were paid to be there. (Yes, this is a common occurrence of past years) Lots of cute dresses that I would totally rock, in about 60lbs from now.

Jen has some pictures and a good recollection of the night here. (Damn, I get shorter every year!)

I honestly look forward to this evening every year. A night out as adults, kids safe away at G-mas, decent food and good company.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Missing my friends....

I took a break from life today. The boys went off to Gma's to play, go to the park, eat a ton of random food, go to the gym and hang out. I spent my time listening to my music really loud in the car, reading a book (Thanks Jen!), eating lunch in silence, and seeing Sex and the City.

I thought I might have to hang out a bit because I was cutting it close to the first showing of the day, but there wasn't a line, or person, in site. The movie theater was empty, 10 min till show time, completely empty. Wow, I'm lame, but I got any seat I wanted! So I pulled out my book and zoned out for a few minutes. About 8 min later a group of 2, then a group of 5, then another group of 2 arrived to see the movie. Ahh, friends, I could cry right then. Yep, got some rad stares, "ahh, poor girl is all alone at the movies," type stares.

Once the previews finally started I was in better mind, I was finally seeing SATC! The first preview was for the Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants 2. I had a lump in my throat the hole preview, to have friends like that.

The movie was fantastic! I could have sat and watched their lives for another 2 hours, didn't want it to end. And yes, I cried. Probably at not real crying moments, but it happened.

For some reason, I'm not the best at keeping friends. Not sure what happens, life gets in the way I'm sure, but it sucks. Since HS, I've had a handful of friends come and go, a good portion due to moving around.
Most that have pressed back have not had reason, or at least a reason on the surface. Those are the worst cases. Walking away, but not ever saying why.
Now, not all my friends have walked away. Jen offered a couple of weeks ago to go see SATC with me, but I had to see it today, I had to get away from my life today. She has been an awesome friend, remember things, offering things, laughing about things, accepting things, struggling with things, and surviving things with me, The Whole Year. Love her for every thing.

I miss girlfriends. Laughing and crying together, going out for a girls night, and just hanging out.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What did I do?

Okay Karma, I get it, I did something bad, get off my case!

This is what happened a few minutes before leaving to work on the house today:

Tyler's clothes thingy collapsed. He touched it, but probably with a single finger, the stupid thing was always coming a little loose.

So I walked away and left for later, too much to do today to take care of it in the moment.

This is the worst part of it all:

The piggy bank I painted for Ty for Christmas. I have another one that is ready for painting, bought another for something else, but it still makes me sad. It took a whole afternoon to paint it, the morning before spent searching for fish pictures to get ideas. Damn it!

On the better side of things, the boys got to hang out at G-ma's while I went to work on the house. Should have taken a day for myself, but wanted to get through my list.

~Took the shower doors out to the shed for storage until after paint, along with the closet systems and their hardware.

~Removed all the towel bars and fixtures from the bathrooms, except the lights.

~Removed the baseboards from the hall, entry and both baths. (The rest are out or staying in)

~Finished taking down the window blinds and valance hardware.

~Removed the moldings and closet door tracks.

~Cleaned both the bathroom vanities.

~Took some measurements for random things I'm going to replace.

Yep, busy girl! Also started to spackle the remaining things, but was informed that we would be sanding the walls down, priming, re-texturising before we paint. I knew there would be priming then texture in a lot of places, but FIL said pretty much all the surfaces would be sanded first. So most my efforts from the other day are wasted. Fantastic!

After helping FIL run the remaining wire for the smoke alarms (system is linked so if one goes off they all go off), I went for some window shopping.

First off to Lowe's, my new favorite store. They had everything I needed, didn't buy it yet, but it's there. Found some new lighting for both bathrooms, then about fainted when I realized that to get the light bar, then the covers it would be $85. Not even anything fancy! So that is something that will probably have to wait.

Then more window shopping at Linen's N' Things and Michaels. I've had some projects in mind for a couple of weeks, wanted to see how much it might cost. Yikes, I need cheaper hobbies!

Tomorrow I am taking a me day, the kids are at Gma's and I'm going to see Sex and the City! Yay! How sad am I to be excited about seeing a movie by myself!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Yep, WTF! That's about all I can say for the rest of our weekend and today.

(Insert foot stamping, yelling and screaming here)

If anyone knows of any paint sales on Behr paint, please let me know so I can finish this damn house. Yep, waiting for the sales......