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Friday, May 30, 2014

Week 21

5/20 - 26
Tuesday night brought us rainbows on the way home. 
 Really cool, double rainbows!

 Tyler's gym pictures came back this week.  
Mr. Smirk.
 His team from the season, minus one boy. 

In a few week we are hopefully getting a new pet, but were not sure when they will be ready for adoption, so we wanted to make sure the tank is ready.  
 This guy is called an axolotl.  Go Here to read more about them.
 Ready to go! 

Sunday afternoon I was able to cash in one of my Birthday presents.  
A trip to The Painted Cork with Jen to do some adult paint by numbers as Jen described it.  
Hard at work.
My finished painting.  
It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back and do another.
 Working on his skills.
 After washing the truck, a water fight! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 20

5/13 - 19

Little man was helping me test out my new shade chair.  
 It was a hot week, so to keep cool at swim, Aiden had fun playing in the cool showers. 
 Tyler helped make float decorations for swim.

Friday afternoon we went over to the Pow Wow Days carnival
 These faces pretty much sum up how our afternoon went; one had a great time, the other was hot and sick by the end. 
 The swings were fun for both. 
 Tyler loves this soaring ride. 

 A second turn ended our day. 
 Saturday morning we walked with the TigerSharks in the Pow Wow Days parade.

 Saturday evening was the first of two games for the weekend.  
It was awful.  Cody did score our 1 goal on a penalty kick that was beautiful.  
Unfortunately that was his one shining moment of the game.
Sunday's game was played a bit better and we didn't have to travel!
This marked the end of the spring season.  Now we will have a light practice schedule for June and ramp up in July for a tournament and fall season. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 19

5/6 - 12

A quick and fun Mother's day gift for my Mom

 A picture set for Grandma S before edits.
 Thursday night swim for Tyler meant a semi private with his buddy.
 Cody on the other hand was in for a long endurance workout.
 Always waiting for the parents, the boys cracked open books while we finished up at the community yard sale to raise money for soccer. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 18

4/29- 5/5

After a long winter break the Tyler's are back together again, they were stoked. 
 Do you ever get in cycles where you keep buying something because you are sure you are out?  
Mine is Spaghetti sauce this month.  
Hmmm, guess we need to eat some pasta!

The boys' new bags for swim season.   I personalized them so hopefully they won't get lost in the shuffle.  Hopefully this will help with our "different kids at different spots" situations we have during the week. 

It was really warm this week, hitting the 90's.  The boys busted out their new Slip n' Slide to cool down a bit.  

 Soccer Saturday! 

Saturday night we went to watch the new Sacramento Revolution FC team play.  
It was awesome!  Both boys had a great time.  
 Beautiful night. 

Birthday surprise from amazing friends. 
A New York purse (2 actually!) to call my own!  

The pumpkins are awesome!  I really need to figure out if we are going to train them to go to a certain area of the grass or if we are going to have them climb.  Pinterest is awesome for finding new ways to grow things.  Pumpkin hammocks may be in our future!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week 17

4/22 - 28

One of the projects that we have been working on for the swim season, awesome new backstroke flags.  Can't wait to see them strung and hanging across the pool!

Cody bought a level 2 model with some money he had saved up.  He's been working hard on getting it all painted so we can start assembly. 

 The pumpkins are still going strong!  
We are convinced they are growing bigger each day.

Working it like the big kids! 
 Cody had a very wet start to his soccer game Friday night, getting drenched during warm-ups.  The skies cleared as the game was starting and stayed dry through the end.  They played really well, almost sneaking out a win with a 2-3 loss.