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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 BlackJack Meet in Vegas

While I was in Boise helping mom after surgery, Keith and Tyler traveled to Vegas for the BlackJack Championship meet.  
The boys had a couple of afternoon adventures checking out different attractions on the strip.  They went to the M&M and Hershey stores, visited the Coca Cola World, saw the Statue of Liberty made 3 different ways from candies, saw shows at Circus Circus, the Belagio fountains and lots of other things.  

 They took advantage of the Monorail system to get around the strip both days. 
Tasting the most popular soda flavors from around the world.
How gymnasts tour Vegas
Trey, Lucas, Tyler and Morgan
 Keith, Shawna and Laura
(Very grateful to our gym family for hanging with the guys this weekend)

 Vegas culture.....

Tyler had a good meet while there on Sunday.  He didn't hit any season best scores, but most his scores were better than the last meet and he didn't have any falls.  
He was part of a tie for 3rd on vault and brought home a cool medal for his effort.


His last regular season meet is on March 3-5th at Cal Berkley, then the State Championships in mid March.  Another gym season is flying by!