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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cody is 4!

Okay, how did that happen? The last four years have defiantly been a blur. He's a goofy kid, constantly popping one liners that come from space, and repeating a few things he shouldn't! He loves cars, not always liking their sound, but is getting better. He's sweat to his brother most of the time, but gets annoyed, like most kids do. He also loves going to school, as soon as we are leaving he's asking when he gets to go back. He's a puzzle wiz, if he can get through a new one he has has it locked in his memory and cruises through it the next time. We love him, even when he's whiny, or talking to himself at 10pm instead of sleeping.

So here's his party pics, it was a great time.

Is this thing on?

We had a long week, that was over run with a major scary moment, but ended okay. So I think, after today, we are back on track, caught up on things, and ready to get on with it. So, here's to hoping for a calm, normal, week!

Here's Ty and his buddy, last Tues at lunch, before we had our bad day. Perfectly fine!

I'm still puzzled as to how he could go from this, to so sick in a matter of a couple of hours. I'm grateful that today he's fine, happy and ornery as ever. I'm constantly touching him, making sure I haven't missed the start of the fever, and hoping it never happens again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Happy Easter!

Today was another good day in our book. We started the morning with a visit from the Easter bunny. The boys were excited to see new baskets sitting on the table, filled with treats. The big hit for Cody was a new magna doodle, "Just what I wanted!" Tyler received more Thomas trains and proclaimed "Choo-Choo!" with a big, goofy grin.

From there we headed over to our friends house for the annual Easter potluck and egg hunt. We brought the sticky bun/pull aparts that were wonderful and gooey thanks to my Mom's help. We had a nice spread of food, none of it good for you, but delicious all the same. The dads went out and hid all the eggs in the front yard, then we let them go! The littlest ones were first out the gate, so off Ty and I went to hunt some eggs. I finally convinced him to pick some up and put them into his basket, he realized it was kind of fun.

After the hunt we sat on the lawn and opened the eggs to see what prizes were inside. Cody of course dove head first into all the candy he could until we finally had to take his basket away. Luckily it was a beautiful day and we were able to let them run around and play for almost an hour. It was a great time, so much fun that the boys didn't want to leave.

Our next stop of the day was to my In-laws for some much needed rest/nap time, more playing outside and Easter dinner. Cody didn't nap, but laid on the bed for almost 2 hours, so that was enough to recharge his batteries a bit. Ty went out like a light within about 10 minutes. Once they were awake they played outside until dinner, Grandma made them both an Easter basket full of outside sand type toys, so they were in heaven.

Grandma put out the full spread of ham, rolls, potatoes, deviled eggs, pie and ice cream. I ate way too much, but it was all too wonderful to pass up.

It was a gorgeous day today so we spent the rest of the afternoon on the back porch with the boys. We gave them buckets and a hose, turned on just enough for a trickle and they were occupied for about an hour. Then we broke out the bubble wand and some dish soap, there went another 45 min. With much sorrow, we headed for home, pouty Cody in tow.

We had a wonderful Easter, despite the handful of overtired meltdowns. So wonderful they were in bed by 7.

An excursion to the country...

I love that all I have to do to make my boys truly happy is put them around trains. It's just that simple. We took a drive on Sat, about 2 hours away, to the country to see another old rail yard, roundhouse w/turntable, an egg hunt and an excursion train ride. It was a great time. We started the day with an egg hunt, the boys had a great time. Tyler wasn't really sure of what to do, but he was out with the other little kids, so he figured he was having a good time. Cody has a couple egg hunts under his belt so he knew exactly what to do, so he scored a nice bucket full of eggs.

After the hunt we just barely caught the noon train and off we went. It was a beautiful ride through some beautiful country side with a lot of history involved. There was a train car host in our car that told us about all the different sites along the way, gold mining sites, places they had filmed scenes from movies and the pro bull riding circuit bull Nitro. There was also a fiddle/mandolin player going through the cars playing all kinds of songs and telling stories to go along with those. It was great.

We also walked around the roundhouse and Cody told us how the turntable worked. There were a few old trains and lots of other parts and cars to see. Lots of history.

We will defiantly be taking another trip there again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A day of adventure...

We took an adventure today. We rode the light rail, then the bus, down to the zoo. It was fun, the boys were excited to finally ride the train, and Cody talked the whole time, both ways. I was glad to save the gas money, a day pass was cheaper than driving there, although nervous about missing our stops. I get a little paranoid about things like that. But we made it, both ways, safe and sound.

The zoo was fun, we met Jen and her bunch, always nice to have company. For some reason the zoo seemed smaller this time, but it wasn't terribly busy and we just wondered around. All the kids had a great time, oohed and aahed in the appropriate places. We packed a lunch and found a nice table, the park has upgraded from older wood style picnic tables to plastic ones, very nice! Jen and her crew were hitting the done phase and headed for home.
After we finished eating we walked around some more and headed over to the amusement area. Upon arriving we decided it looked like tons of fun and rode everything within our height limit. so we rode the carousel, the boys road around in swimming fish, a ssssloooowww train ride around the park, drove model t style cars and they boys flew an airplane! They had a blast. It was Tyler's first time on rides and he laughed the whole time, not at all timid to board.

After that we went to the bus stop and waited about 10 min for it to arrive. We got to the train station about 1 min before the train arrived and we were on our way home. Before getting on the bus, I put Ty into the new Mei Tai, and it worked out great! He happily looked around while we were on the bus and walked to the train. After we boarded the train he started to cuddle, laying his head on my back, and before I knew it he was asleep. He slept until I had to take him out to put him in the car.

It was a good adventure that produced very long naps! A winner day in our book!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Day at the Movies

Cody went on a movie date with Aunt V, Gma & Pa S to see "Horton Hears a Who." They said he had a good time, the store became a little much, but good overall. He said he liked the movie and that we should go back there again. It was nice for him to get some alone time with them, and Ty had some mom time.
We didn't do anything exciting but play a little on the floor. We went and picked up some lunch, Panda for me and a pumpkin spice muffin for him from Peet's Coffee (Yum, by the way!)
Then over the last couple of days I've been working on a new project, a carrier for Ty. It's called a Mei Tai, can be used in a number of positions, most importantly in a backpack carry. He's getting to the point that he likes to walk, but tires easier than the rest of us, so it would be nice to be able to carry him without wearing out your arms! The panel on the back is interchangeable, so I personalize it for the season, style, or event we are at! Easy and cool!

He was having a bit of a grumpy mood, so binky and a pout it was!

Please ignore my chub, I've slipped off the workout wagon and it's catching up to me! Water aerobics, here I come!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ah crap, the sun will burn you in March!

We had a play date at the park today. Great time for the kids, despite some odd people and an annoying stray dog. But not thinking, we sat in the sun for 2 1/2 hours. Surprisingly the boys are fine. Ty has a couple of red spots on his face, but nothing else. I, on the other hand, look a little awful. One arm is redder than the other, burnt on my chest (v-neck shirt), and spots on my face. Nice!!!!

So between that and my canker sores still not completely healed, I'm a little ruff. But my mouth is getting better, not looking wonderful, but better. One of the medicines I tried actually made them bigger (yeah, fantastic!), which I discovered was a problem with that medicine after doing some googling. But I found a better remedy, seems to be working, so hopefully they are almost gone.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Longing for Davis.....

Ahh, beautiful, crunchy, hometowny, and lovely Davis, CA.

We had a family field trip today to a children's museum/science center today. The boys had a ton of fun with lots of things to touch, feel, and manipulate. There was a section upstairs totally dedicated to water and marine life, so Ty was in heaven! Cody's favorite was the race car track that you could change around.

While in Davis we were able to visit a lovely baby & kids store that sells a lot of specialty things and has a nice supply of cloth diaper things. They have some of the coolest things; bags, clothes, shoes, toys, random baby things! So I was able to pick up some more diaper liners and swim underwear/diapers for the boys. I was super excited to see that they carried the iPlay swim line, reusable swim diapers and gear. So no poo in the pool from my boys!
We walked around the downtown area for quite a while. Found the Togo's and the three of us shared a sandwich. Then walked around some more and found an awesome yogurt place. It was frozen yogurt, but more natural that TBCY, fresh fruit toppings, and Cody got his M&M's. It was delicious and I would make another trip just to go there!
I love going to Davis. I truly wish I could live there, transplant a bunch of family and friends and run with it! There were more bikes that cars on the road, lots of friendly faces and cool places to just sit and relax. I'm sure the cost of living is ridiculous, but there is as bus that runs between there and Sac, so Keith wouldn't have to drive the commute every day! Perfect!
Ya, Ya, then monkeys will fly out of my arse! But hey, a girl can dream!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A productive day...

Today was very productive at our house, at least for my sewing corner! I was able to convert 4 onesies into t-shirt and applique 6 shirts. The boys played pretty well and let me work through out the morning and during nap time. Here's some of what I did today:

Tyler's Robot shirt

Cody's Robot shirt

Tyler's Bus shirt

Cody's Bus shirt, front