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Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Meet of Champions

Both boys qualified to swim at the Sac Valley Meet of Champs again this year.  It is a fun way to end the season, swimming with the best summer league swimmers in the valley. 

Cody started with the 100 IM, he added almost a second from his champs time, but still had a good swim. 

 Tyler's first swim was the 25 freestyle where he shaved 0.4 from his best time breaking into the 14's with a 14.63. 

 Cody decided to swim the 50 freestyle as his bonus event to see how low he could get his time for the end of the season. He shaved 2 1/2 seconds with a 27.25. 
 Ty ended his first day with the backstroke, taking off 0.6 for a final time of 18.50. 

 Cody also ended the first day with backstroke with a season-best of 32.49.

 Both boys had one swim on Sunday to cap off the weekend.
Cody swam the 100 freestyle, edging closer to the goal of breaking under 1 minute. 
He took 2 seconds off his best time, with a 1.01.71. 

 Ty's last swim of the year was breaststroke where he took off over 2 seconds, for a final time of 20.85. 

That wraps up another swim season! 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Uncle Grumpy and Annabel have a birthday!

Another year, another birthday buddy family part! 
Keith quietly turned 40 while Annabel rolled into her 3-nager year.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 VFCAL Champs

The boys had another great showing at our league champs, qualifying 3 for 3 in their races to Meet of Champs. 

Cody had a great meet, dropping time in all his strokes. He placed 2nd overall in backstroke, with a 32.53, 5th in the IM with a 1.12.84, and 6th in the 100 free with a 1.03.73.  His relay teams placed 3rd overall in both events.  These boys did so well holding their own against the older boys in their division.  It's a tough year being on the bottom of the age bracket. Very proud of his constant advancement throughout the season with bettering his times. 

Tyler also had a great meet, dropping time in his backstroke and getting closer to his best time in the freestyle. He also placed 2nd overall in the backstroke with a 19.12, 3rd in the 25 freestyle with a 15.35, and 8th in the breast with a 23.23.  His relay teams took 1st place in the medley and 2nd in the freestyle. He was on the older end of his age group and it's amazing what a difference that can make. He had a good year, last year swimming 25 yard races!

2 weeks of practice left and they are off to the Sac Valley Meet of Champions.