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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Family Trip: Avenue of the Giants

The last day of our trip was spent exploring the Avenue of Giants

 The boys becoming Jr. Rangers after completing their workbooks.

We had a great trip.  

Next time we would like to go back and stay at one of the state parks again so that we can wake up and go on hikes all day long without all the driving. 

Family Trip: Patrick's Point

At the end of the school year, Cody researched and wrote a report on the Yurok Native American Tribe.  When I was looking at things to do on our trip I found that there is a Native American village in Patrick's Point that has replicas of different houses.   It was interesting to see them up close.  
While walking through the village there wasn't any information about what we were looking at, but later we found a pamphlet at the visitors center.

 There are three tribes that currently use this area for cultural events; the Kuruk, Yurok and Hoopa.  
Each tribe has a separate changing house. 

 Carved canoe

 These were family houses.
 Small entry to make it easier to defend against predators (human and animal)

 Inside had two levels.  A pit in the center where they built a fire.  In bad weather, the woman and children would sleep down below as well.  The upper level was for storage of the families food and wealth items.  Usually everyone slept outside.


 Sweat houses.  
This one was kept behind a fence that was locked.  (We curiously looked over the top)  
There are still active tribes in the area, so we thought maybe they still use this one for things making it closed to the public. 
 This one was out on display and you could walk through it.  
Reading, it was discovered that there is a distinct front entrance and exit so that once you have sat and are cleansed you walk out new. 

We also went on a short walk to the Ceremonial Rock, and Uncle Stu walked the boys to the top.  

We will be looking at Patrick's Point for the future when we come to stay again.  It was a large State Park area with lots of nice camping spots and beach access.