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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Meet vs Arden Pirates

After a week off, we're back to swimming Saturday!  The boys both had a great day.  Tyler decided he would swim his events and came close to breaking his times.  Cody really turned it on today, besting his freestyle and backstroke times and getting some 1st place ribbons.  Awesome!

This was our first away meet, so we were outside the pool deck; our view for the morning.
 Playing games....
 Tyler ready for his relay

 Cody ready for his medley relay...
 Tyler's crazy U6 team....
 Cody ready for the freestyle relay


Ty freestyle 37.69

Cody freestyle 23.83 (personal best)

Ty Backstroke 37.89

Cody backstroke 25.67 (personal best)

Cody breaststroke, 40.79 (personal best)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family Trip Day 6

So to cap off day 5, we finally stopped to check out these giant motorcycle sculptures.

 The boys had a chance to roast hot dogs over the fire
 We decided we wanted our dogs quicker, so bbq it was

On our last morning the boys finally had a chance to ride the banana bikes

This was another great trip!

Family Trip Day 5

Monterey Bay Aquarium Day!

We parked down the path so we didn't have to pay for parking, but got to see the beautiful coast along the way.

 Beautiful quilt hanging by the cafe

 The jelly fish are amazing

 Awesome colors of light that shoot up and down

 Sea Turtles
 We headed over to the play center to learn about whales and movement
 Sizing up to a baby blue whale

 Stream line vs boxy truck
 We headed out to one of the observation decks and snapped a picture of this giant cruise ship that's sitting in the bay.
 The open water tank with sharks
 and tuna.

 Looking through the glass

 We just missed the penguin feeding.
 One of two touch pools

 Stamping bookmarks.
 Kelp tank
 Leopard shark
 Feeding show

 Sand dollars
 Where's the fish?

 Home in a bottle
 Shore birds
 Under a wave

 harbor seals on the rocks

 The second jelly exhibit, 70's inspired
 Cody as a Jelly
 Upside down jellies

 You could draw your own jelly
 Then set it free to the big screen to watch it swim

 Sea horses
 Theses guys are a close cousin to the sea horse