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Friday, May 29, 2009

Tyler's last day of preschool

Today was Tyler's last day of school, the kids enjoyed some water play while the parents cleaned the classroom in shifts. It was a fun day, the weather was great, not too hot, but just enough and the kids enjoyed playing outside for such a long time.

At the water table.

Riding the cars...

Running through the sprinklers...

Climbing around...

and having fun!

Then they had a picnic style snack, ending in Popsicles.

A good portion of the class will move along with him next year to the "big kid" preschool for 2 days a week. He's excited and so am I!

One more cleaning day and summer will officially begin!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cody's Preschool Graduation

Wed night was Cody's preschool graduation celebration at school. All the families come together one last night to eat a picnic dinner (we stopped for In-n-Out), visit, the kids play, and cake!
Before the festivities began, there was a lot of time to play. Tyler, being the ladies man he is, gravitated towards the older girls. Ladybugs are always a big fascination.
Ty asked, "Does that tickly on your arm?"

Later moving into the play house with one of his school friends, Ms J.

Cody latched onto the older crowd, and played around with the soccer ball.

After that it was time for the ceremony to begin.

His self portrait.

In his hat he decorated.

Ty's view point of the evening, I think he was ready to sit and rest for a bit.

Walking across the bridge to Kindy.

Teacher Debbie had flowers for the kids to give their parents, it opened up over night, so beautiful!

The throwing of the hats. (They didn't really get this part)

I'm so ready for the break, but now we have to get ready for Kindy in the fall. WOW!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Field Trip of the year...

Thanks goodness for a nice break to come! Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad that we have been able to find such a great preschool for the boys. I do like the fact that I can work in the classroom and participate, mainly because I have a need to know what's going on. But after a school year's worth of working once a week, babysitting once a week and parent/toddlering once a week, I need a break! Cody's last regular day is tomorrow, they get to bring their bikes which is uber cool, and Ty goes to class as normal. Monday is the holiday, Wed we have grad night at Cody's school, then Friday is a clean up day at Ty's (he get's to go and spend the whole time outside playing in the water while the mom's switch off going in to the class to clean) Then the last hooraw for the year is clean up at Cody's school on Mon. YAY!!!

Now come talk to me in about a month when I'll be begging for school to start again.

Okay, what was I posting about? Ah yes, the Fairytale Town fieldtrip. In all honesty, I really do enjoy this place and so do the boys. They can run around, climb on the structures and simply play. If you're lucky you can go at a time when they have puppet shows as well, as was the case on Wed.
Downside, it's the end of the year and this place was packed! A lot of that has to do with the big zoo across the street, so for the older kids it's a bit of a holding tank.
Besides all that, the boys seamed to have a good time, and it's always fun going with friends.

Shoe Slide

Getting ready for the puppet show, "Tale of the Dragon's Tail." I didn't realized until it stated but this is the same show we saw the only other time we've been there for a show. Weird.
The there's the fun of the crooked mile. A long and windy path, with ups and downs to simply run on. So cool.

I don't want to take a picture!

The treehouse slide.

Compelete with farm animals all around.

We'll definatly go back again this summer, and hopefully next time we can play at the amusement park as well.

For fun, the boys at 6 months and almost 3

here they are Wed at 2.5 and 5

Monday, May 18, 2009

Campout and Sunday at the Lake

As mentioned before, Cody had his camp out at preschool on Friday. He's been looking forward to it for a while, having had such a good time last year. He's been scoping out his camp site for the last month.
Hot dogs and all the typical BBQ sides.

The zip line

S'mores by the campfire

This year's treat: Piano Man Tim. He did use a guitar instead, because who's ever heard of a piano by the campfire.
Along with this fun, they made flags to hang on their tents, took a walk in the evening, hunted for glow rocks, pancakes and sausage for breakfast and another walk to the river in the morning.

Sunday we packed up and headed to Folsom Lake. The weather has turned to summer and cooling down is the name of the game. We got there around 10;30, pre-crowd, and found our spot. As soon as the sunscreen and life jackets were on, they boys hit the water and barely left it. It's not a clear lake by any means, but it was a good time.

This is how I spent most the time, standing in the water, reading my book and watching the boys. It's hot, damnit!

Snack break

Run, trip, dowsed in water.

Remember our trip in November, when we sank in the mud to our knees. See the background, no water.

I didn't get a great comparison shot, but you can see some of the ridge lines in the photo, where there is water now. Crazy to see the differences.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Keith and Cody were away this morning, last night was camp-out at preschool. Ty and I went out to breakfast and on our way home I realized it was Pow Wow days in Orangevale, and people were lining the streets. Putting two and two together, parade came to mind. Sure enough, when we were home I pulled out the flier and there it was in about 45 minutes. Sweet!
So we loaded up the bike trailer, filled our water bottles and headed off to find a good spot on the parade route, just around the corner from the house.
It was a long parade, like an hour long! But it was fun and there was candy, so no complaints.
Waiting for the fun to begin.

May-16 09:56
Finally the start of the parade, fire trucks of course.

May-16 10:30
Lots of cool cars like this...

May-16 10:32
and this...

May-16 10:33
Then came the candy...

May-16 10:40
We learned early that if he held his hand up and waved while I hooted and holard, the candy would come our way.

May-16 10:47

He made some friends with the kids next to us, successful parade fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slowly rolling over to 28...

It was a good day. Bummed around Folsom, looking in shops, and had a nice gift card to spend at Bed, Bath and Beyond courtesy of my IL's. Jennifer was the sweetest thing and brought over a glorious cake for us to enjoy. Strawberry, with strawberry icing and decorated with Giant Chewy Nerds. OMG, heaven! Keith was kind and called home to see what to pick up for dinner, no cooking on my Birthday. So I went with Panda, easy and on the way, and oh so yummy.

The boys had a treat in the afternoon as well. I finally set up there dragon sprinkler they've been begging for since the end of last summer when it arrived. It was fun and just warm enough to play with!

28. Umm, wow?!?! I dont' know how I got here, really. In some ways I'm glad to not be so young anymore, but in other ways I'm so sad that my 20's are just about over. To the point of a mini panic attack Mon night when I looked at the dates on my calendar. It's all good. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself every 5 minutes.