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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim Meet vs Arden Pirates

After a week off, we're back to swimming Saturday!  The boys both had a great day.  Tyler decided he would swim his events and came close to breaking his times.  Cody really turned it on today, besting his freestyle and backstroke times and getting some 1st place ribbons.  Awesome!

This was our first away meet, so we were outside the pool deck; our view for the morning.
 Playing games....
 Tyler ready for his relay

 Cody ready for his medley relay...
 Tyler's crazy U6 team....
 Cody ready for the freestyle relay


Ty freestyle 37.69

Cody freestyle 23.83 (personal best)

Ty Backstroke 37.89

Cody backstroke 25.67 (personal best)

Cody breaststroke, 40.79 (personal best)

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