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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mini Golf at Sunsplash/Golfland....

To keep on with celebrating Ty's Birthday we headed to Roseville for some mini golf and video games.  It's turned off hot today, so we only made it through one of the two courses, but it was a challenge and fun!  

Tyler turns 7!

Tyler checked put another check on the year chart, turning 7!  
He has started 2nd grade, is finally reading chapter books, loves science and art.  He is enjoying being on the team at gymnastics, learning some new skills and improving the old.  Loves to bike, especially at the dirt bike track when we go.  He swims like a fish and can do all four competitive strokes, legally most the time.  He's funny, creative, stubborn, loves to help and is still very cuddly. 
He requested donuts for breakfast, so a quick run to the store to pick out his favorite, a maple bar.
Instead of doing a cake or cupcakes, we opted to for sugar cookies as his Birthday treat.
  After going to pick up Uncle Tim who is down for part of the weekend, the boys helped decorate cookies for the evening.

 A couple of presents after dinner.
 Pokemon, the perfect gift this year.

 Playing with his new Magic Jinn, a 20 questions type game for animals. 
 We went to the store to pick out a new LEGO set from Uncle Tim and Aunt Danna.
He did great putting it all together.
 Cody making sure all the new cards are organized.

Happy Birthday Dude!

Monday, August 19, 2013

1st day of School!

We started back to our full school routine today.  It's been fun to receive new curriculum and programs, almost everything has arrived. (Just missing some art supplies, so nothing crucial.)

The boys had a good first day and enjoyed some of the new programs and things we're doing.  

  The boys had the same basic schedule today, so we went through taking turns on the computers and splitting time was we needed to. 

Watching the first of the new Spanish videos.  Hopefully we can work out the online portion of this program as well.  Having a hard time with their customer service. 
Ty working on his spelling as Cody worked on Language and Math.


 Another new program for the year is a music theory course.  
Piano lessons are going to happen this year as well.  Hoping this computer course will help that along. 
Ending the school day with some reading time.

 Tomorrows work ready to go.  
 I have a new filing system for work this year, hoping to make is a bit easier. 

Away we go, the start of another busy year!  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

BMX Track fun....

Summer is flying by so fast.  We finished the swim season, jumped right into soccer and the first day of school is knocking on the door.   WOW!  

As we were discussing what to do today, Ty asked about the bmx track. It's been almost a year since we've been and he has a new bike to test.  So after picking some more weeds out of the floor beds and eating lunch we were off for some fun.  

We arrived right as they were opening, so no one was on the track. 
 They both had a lot of fun and were starting to pump their bikes instead of pedaling everywhere. 

 UP the big hill

 We stayed for 2 hours, they were thoroughly worn out!
 One last run....

We have to go here more often, it's the best $6 we can spend!  

Cummings Family Park 1775 Creekside Dr Folsom