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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Random Photos

Big Spoon!
 We were trying some home delivery meal kits, Ty helped with a few, but didn't eat much of it! 
 Skating fun, time for limbo. 

Hair Cut time, life lesson and such: 
It's just hair. Yes, this is true that I love his long, blonde locks. But, that is not why I'm upset about him deciding to cut his hair. He has been dealing with constant criticism, bullying and girl remarks for almost 2 years and it finally was enough for him to decide to conform and make a change. I didn't let him cut it a month ago after a bad day at gym that followed a bully encounter with the neighborhood gang, but a few weeks later. 
Teach your kids that different isn't bad and not everyone has to fit into the box you think they should. Hair doesn't make the person, the way they treat you does. Make friends on common interests and how they treat others, not on looks.
He has learned this over the last couple of years. Who are his true friends and those that are friends in moments. He learned that some will stick up for you and even grow their hair longer in solidarity. He learned who not to stand next to at gym because they will always have something to say or flick your ponytail.
I'm sad for my guy this week. So, as much as I miss his long locks, this is why I'm having a hard time with it. He is handsome as always, but has a tender heart that finally had enough.

Enjoying his birthday hammock for daily reading time. 
 School ID photos

This year's Niello dinner took us to Top Golf in Roseville. It was fun, even for those of us that don't golf.  They food was decent as well, always a plus. 

Fall Skies in Northern Cali. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Tyler, Grandma Scollay & Aiden's Birthday Celebration

The end of summer means another round of birthdays for our California family. 
Tyler turned 11 and Aiden turned 5 this year! 

 Tyler requested a fun-fetti style cake with rainbow frosting. 
I added a LEGO candy border for our LEGO loving boys. 

 My fun-fetti attempt failed a bit, but it tasted fine.