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Friday, December 28, 2012


The one thing the boys just had to do while we were on our trip was sledding.  We packed our sleds and gear along, thinking we would head up to Idaho City somewhere and find a spot off the road.  After looking around a bit, we discovered that the tubing hill at Bogus Basin wasn't very expensive and thought that would make for a more enjoyable day for everyone.  
We all joined in on the fun as well as Tim and Ashlee.  
Our session time started at 9am, so we needed to head up the mountain by about 7:45.  Tack on a breakfast stop, we were on the road before the sun rose.  
Catching the sun rising as we drove up the hill. 

 This guy had the most runs today, as soon as he was off the lift, he was on the hill again.

 Tim and Ashlee after dropping a bit of their gear off at the car.
 Cody getting in line at the bottom for the rope tow.

 Going up!

 The front side of the ski slopes

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Snow Fun

It snowed a bit more over night, leaving just enough to play in.  The boys went out with Grandpa and started to build a snow man, but that quickly turned into a snow ball fight!

 Then there was some more 4-wheeler fun, in the snow!