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Monday, April 27, 2009

Jelly Belly's!

Sunday we headed down to trade cars with my BIL and decided it would be a good chance to go to the Jelly Belly Factory. Ty's never been, but Cody has, although he was convinced that it was a different factory that we had visited before?!? Anyway, there was candy involved so everyone was happy.

Many Jelly Belly cars to see and play on.

Waiting for the tour to begin, candy is coming soon!

Didn't want to wear the hat, but had to in order to get his candy. Grumpy!

Yay! Free Candy!

Out front, they were convinced it would fall down, then disappointed they couldn't jump in him. Goof balls!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ty's 1st School Pictures

Ty's first ever school pictures came in last week when we were away, so I was excited to see them at school on Friday. Ramona sent me a note saying Ty and I "made" the group shot, so I didn't know what to think. Come to find out, this is how we are in a majority of the group shots that were passed out:

He hates organized pictures! But other than us, everyone else is smiling and looking forward.
Luckily we had another to choose from, so this is the one I'll hang on their wall, he's not smiling, but at least you can see his face! Other than that, there is just the little one trying to escape the front row.
I was pleasantly surprised to see his individual shots. He would barely come out from behind the tree, so I was a bit nervous about dropping the cash for nothing. But the photographer said he was sure he had a couple of good shots, and he did.

So he through in a few of each, probably not sure of what "mood" I thought would be best. It's Tyler, in all his 2 year old essence.

Now we wait for Cody's to arrive. Same photographer, and in being there that day, I saw some great shots.

Maybe we should take Ty more than once a year for pictures, poor second kid!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Mr Sun...

It's late Spring in Cali...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Boise and Wedding fun.

Thursday afternoon we were able to meet up with some of our friends at the park. Such a cool park, the pictures do not do it justice! It had a huge playground with all kinds of things to climb on, neat teeter-totters, swings, water park for the summer, 2 covered picnic shelters, a path all around and huge fields behind it. So cool.

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That same afternoon we headed up to Donnelly for the weekend. This is the house/cabin we were staying at and where the wedding was. It's 3 levels, has 5 big bedrooms, lots of TVs and media areas, large kitchen, nice dining, huge garage and lots of space around to play.

A couple of wedding photos, more to come at a later date.
We headed down the mountain Sunday and met up with friends again for a great visit, then went to back to the big park for a short stay. Monday we headed for home. They have part of our normal route down 80 closed off, so we ventured around towards Tahoe instead. Such a beautiful drive! We had to stop and stretch our legs and look at scenes like these...

We had a really good trip and will hopefully be back up in June, Payette Festival!

I can say that am not ready for the 90 degree day we are having at home today, going to be a rough summer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The boys napping, such a beautiful scene.

An early Birthday present! YAY!!

I'm just now figuring out ways to get pictures off my phone and onto the computer. UGH!

More Boise Fun...

Monday we headed back to the library for Music and Movement. The boys had a lot of fun, they really miss the classes we were taking in the late winter.

I love the way Ty looks at Cody, so cool.

Tuesday we headed over to Wings Planet Kid to get out some bottled up energy. This place is awesome! It's a gigantic play structure, with tunnels, things to climb, slides, ball pits and all kinds of fun. They boys had a blast. Especially when I braved up and down a couple of times.

It never did rain Tuesday, but it sure was windy and cold. Dad decided it was time to mow the grass and let the boys help. They had smiles plastered to their faces the whole time.

Making sure they make it around the corner.

We have a couple more days in town, then Thurs evening we head up to Donnelly for my brother's wedding. After a weekend in the mountains we are set to drive home Monday.
Hopefully next trip I'll brave up and get together with some friends. I just couldn't pop out of my shell this time. And I wonder why my kids are soooo shy in new places.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Testing mobile blogging


We had a jam packed Easter day, with egg hunts, food, family and fun.

Before the boys came out, the loot waiting for them.
New boats for the tub and pool.
Another Lego set, Cody is really taking to these.

Then they set off to hunt for the eggs the bunny had left around the house.
Surveying his take.

Enjoying the new Easter toys.

Tim and Danna came over for pancakes and eggs after the morning festivities. Then mid afternoon we headed to Danna's families house for potluck and more fun. The property was awesome, with lots of land to roam and lots of things for the boys to do. They had fun with some new friends. Then it was time for the egg hunt.
Lined up by age. Ty was the first to go, but insisted on standing next to Cody until it was time.
Look what I found!

Serious egg hunting, combing through all the bushes and trees.

More surveying of the loot.
Cody getting a lift to find some treasures in the tree.

The boys swinging with Cousin Ashlee, they love her so much!

We had a great day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We hunted some eggs...

I love egg hunts! The craziness of them, the goodies in the end, the enjoyment of getting eggs. Total fun.

Being the egg hunting hore that I am, we hit up two today. We slid into the first one about 1 minute before they blew the whistle. This one turned out not to be hunting for eggs, but jelly candies. The catch being if you had a candy with a sticker, you could go to the prize table and get a bigger treat. Luckily both the boys had one of these special candies out of their respective age groups.

Enjoy said jelly candies and our new bucket score. Ty picked a dump truck.
On our way to the first hunt we passed by a church that was having a big celebration today, complete with 4 blow up things (bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses), a religious based show, then an egg hunt/scramble. The boys talked about the bouncers to and from the first one, so we had to stop. They had a lot of fun playing, then we caught the last 5 min of the show, Cody thought it was cool and had a chance to dance. Then it was off for more eggs. This time it really was eggs we were getting and it was done in sections.

The bunny coming out to waive the go flag for Ty's group.


We then headed over to the next section to watch Cody. You can see his red hood behind the boys in the blue hoodie.

It was fun. We are going to a family bbq tomorrow, complete with kids and adult egg hunts. Should be fun!