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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wow, I can't believe another year is gone...

Our Year in Pics...
Jan: Rainy Days inside, Vegas and Sledding.

Feb: Air Museum, Valentines, and more rainy days inside.

March: Spring Break at the zoo, Easter and Cody turns 4.

April: PJ night, Dad Racing & Ice skating.

May: Beach camping & the end of school.

June: Lots of pool time and a small house project!

July: Celebrating the 4th and Moving day!

Aug: V&E are married, Trip to the Fair and Tyler turns 2.

Sep: School Starts and yard sale finds.

Oct: Many trips to Pumpkin patches & Halloween.

Nov: A trip to the ranch, Black Friday at Fairytale town, and Tree hunting.

Dec: A visit from Uncle Tim and Danna and a Merry Christmas.

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Ramona said...

What a cool way to recap the year! Happy new year!