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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The stockings were hung.....

Among a ton of Christmas projects and baking, I've finally started to finish some things up.

This past weekend/1st half of the week project was finished last night, stockings for the new family additions/newly married folk. I discovered last time I made a bunch that it's easier to do them all at once, get a rhythm down and go for it. So here are the finish products....

I'm feeling better about the project list, still a little stressed, but it's coming together. I'm going to work on some dipped/drizzled pretzels while Cody's at school today and see how that process goes. If it's too big a hassle, I'll cut that part out of the goody bags, no stress!

On the home front, we are getting a new water heater tomorrow! Yay for the new home warranty! This is what it's been doing...

Luckily we caught it before it did any damage to our stuff, just a few empty moving boxes were wet on the bottom.

Only two more days of school before the holiday break!

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