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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent Calendar

I love the idea of the advent/count down calendars for Christmas. A friend of mine always had the chocolate ones , and I think there were a couple of years we convinced mom to get one for us too. We also grew up with a hanging felt tree, everyday we would put on another ornament, waiting for the the big day to arrive.

Last year my mom found us this calender and new we had to have it:

It's awesome! Every day I can fill it with a little treat for the boys, they had a blast doing it last year for the week we had it. I found a mini cars set with 36 pieces and started from there so on the first day they will open up to this:

They will also get this mat and storage case that came with the set.
It will be fun for them to build the set throughout the month, that includes more cars, airplanes, trees, and signs, and barriers.

Also in the box are a few days of M&M's, their absolute favorite!
Keychains for their backpacks.

Also a couple of small ornaments for their little tree, camera died before I could get pictures.

I was excited to see these kind of calendar boxes at Target last week, they are smaller though. I think they were fairly inexpensive so that if you have multiple children you could get one for each one, making it easier to fill. Especially easy for the girls, using jewelry and mini nail polish/lip balms.

Thanks again Mom, we love it!

Another Advent Calendar idea found here. Super cute and cheap!

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Ramona said...

Andrea - I love this idea! We hunt down a chocolate disposable calendar for Mikey every year but I really love this idea. Hope you don't mind if I steal it for upcoming Christmases!